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Decisions to hire student employees are based upon qualifications, competence, and merit.  The Early Learning Campus at NKU seeks students pursuing degrees in early childhood, education and those in helping professions.  Quality care is better ensured by the employment of the most appropriately qualified staff.  In the best interests of the ELC, the children, and parents, it is up to the lead teacher's and/or Director's discretion if a student is to be hired and which position is most appropriate for the student applicant.

Recruitment and Selection Procedures

Student Employment

If a student is interested in a position advertised by the Early Learning Campus at NKU, the student must:

  • Contact the center for an application
  • Submit the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at least three persons who can attest to their personal and/or professional skills - all references will be contacted and their responses reviewed
  • Have a brief interview with the Program Lead Teacher and/or Director

Applicants will be notified of decision to hire within one to five days by phone.  If the Lead Teacher chooses to hire the student applicant, arrangements will be made between the Lead Teacher and the student on start date, scheduling, and rate of pay.

Introductory Period

The introductory period for all new student employees serves as a period of orientation, training, supervision and evaluation.  The introductory period gives new employees the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and to determine if the position meets their expectations and the expectations of the Early Learning Campus at NKU.

 The probationary period is 90 days (approximately one semester)  from the date of employment.  During this time student employees must schedule a date to attend the mandatory Kentucky Child Care Orientation Training and submit the following documentation to comply with state licensure:

  • Criminal background check
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Check
  • Tuberculosis test - All employees must provide evidence of a negative TB test before employment and every two years thereafter
  • Certification in First Aid and CPR

New employees and employees in new positions will be asked to complete a self-evaluation and professional development plan and will be evaluated by the appropriate ELC staff person at the end of the introductory period.

Annual Professional Development Planning

Professional Development Planning is used as a tool to promote an awareness of job responsibilities, team relationships between employees and supervisors, and to promote professional skills.  Reviews are conducted at the end of the spring semester to encourage and recognize strengths, areas needing improvement, and discuss positive approaches to meeting goals.  Professional Development Planning is also used to review the staff person potential to move to assistant level and for salary increases.

The Professional Development Planning process consists of student employees completing a self-evaluation based on the criteria outlined in the Kentucky Child Care Provider Core Content to share with his/her supervisor, a work-study evaluation from the office of financial aid and an evaluation summary completed by the Lead Teacher.

A copy of each evaluation will be given to the student employee, kept in the student employee's file and made available any NKU department upon request per university policy.