• We believe that excellent child care replicates many of the aspects of a loving home environment, where caring adults nurture children to grow and learn.  We have a basic respect for the uniqueness of each child.  The intent of our curriculum is to offer diverse opportunities for learning. 

  • We believe each child's cultural background is also relevant in the design of a curriculum that is age-appropriate for all children and individually appropriate for each child.  We provide a variety of multicultural, nonstereotyping materials and experiences for children in order to enhance each child's self-concept and to broaden the experiences of all children.

  • We believe multicultural curriculum experiences enrich the lives of children by fostering an appreciation of the differences and similarities among them.   

For our children:

  • children learn by doing
  • in providing a safe and secure environment for learning
  • you are each an individual with unique needs and strengths
  • helping you build a foundation for success in life


For our parents:

  • you are your child’s first and most important teacher
  • in placing children at the center of everything we do
  • in respecting the diversity each of you contribute to our center
  • your active participation in NKU’s Early Childhood Center enhances the quality of our program