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Enrollment Figures

The enrollment figures posted here are based on reporting rules for the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. The rules for reporting enrollment to the U.S. Department of Education vary slightly. Enrollment figures posted in other locations such as the Common Data Set or College Portrait are based on federal reporting conventions, and will therefore be slightly different than the figures posted here.

Employment and Earnings of NKU Graduates

Pursuant to KRS 151 B.133(13)(a), information on the employment and earnings of public postsecondary institution graduates in Kentucky is made available on the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics website. Data available on the KCEWS site is limited to the employment information for graduates who obtain jobs in the Commonwealth. NKU benefits from a unique geographic location in the state, sitting seven miles from the heart of a major metropolitan city in a neighboring state. Because local employment opportunities abound across the border in Cincinnati, over half of the students graduating from our University find gainful employment outside the Kentucky borders - even if they still reside in the state - and those graduates will not be included in the KCEWS statistics. Kentucky officials are working with representatives from other states to investigate opportunities for collaboration to build a more robust system for reporting employment and earnings of graduates.