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The following members of our team are integral in overseeing and maintaining day to day operations at Northern Kentucky University:

Syed Zaidi

Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management 

P: 859-572-1907 | E:


Amy Emmett

Administrative Assistant, Facilities Management 

P: 859-572-1927 | E:


Mary Paula Schuh

Senior Director, Planning, Design & Construction

P: 859-572-5122 | E:


Audra Points

Director, Safety & Emergency Management

P: 859-572-6528 | E:


Wesley Brown

Business Manager, Facilities Management 

P: 859-572-6551 | E:


Bill Moulton

Director, Operations & Maintenance

P: 859-572-5445 | E:


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  • For updates on the status of a Service Request or to report a Facilities Management related issue, contact WORK CONTROL by calling 859-572-5660.
  • To submit an idea or suggestion, email