Steely Library, Springtime

Since its founding in 1968, Northern Kentucky University has become recognized as the pre-eminent learner-centered institution in the northern Kentucky region and has taken its place as one of the three major higher educational facilities in the greater Cincinnati area (i.e. University of Cincinnati, Xavier and Northern Kentucky University).

An integral part of the University is the W. Frank Steely Library, located at the center of campus in Highland Heights, Kentucky. To support the ongoing activities and outreach programs of the library in the community, the Friends of Steely Library organization was founded in 1985. This group, also known as FoSL, promotes awareness and interest in the library's collections and facilities, hosts and sponsors events and utilizes its resources to assist the library in various ways.

The FoSL are comprised of alumni, faculty, staff and community members who are dedicated to promoting the interests of the W. Frank Steely Library at Northern Kentucky University. Unlike an academic area of the university, the library has no designated “alumni.” However, what student can say they earned their degree from Northern Kentucky University without the facility, expertise and resources which the library provided? This is why the Friends exist. They understand the heavy burden placed on the library and the means necessary to supply those ever-increasing demands for materials, manpower and unlimited, innovative sources of information.