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  • Presiding officer, plans and runs meetings.
  • Plays a key role in the induction ceremony.
  • Helps to maintain an interest in ALD among members and prospective members.
  • Maintains good communication between officers, advisors and members.
  • Is aware of ALD policies and procedures.



My name is Kolawole Akinrele. My country of origin is Nigeria.  I joined ALD because of all the opportunities it offers. ALD will enable me meet fellow outstanding students, offer a lot of service to my school and community, occupy leadership positions which will enhance my leadership skills, and obtain scholarships. I also believe that Alpha Lambda Delta will offer me the opportunity to get more involved and positively impact the lives of my peers.

I am currently a Mathematics major with a focus in Statistics and a concentration in Actuarial Science in my Junior year at NKU. Besides ALD, I am actively involved in the African Student Union, International Student Union, and the NKU Mens Soccer Club (NKU FC).

Vice President
  • Works closely with president in planning and executing chapter business.
  • Is aware of ALD policies and procedures.
  • Substitutes for president when necessary.
Maria Flowers




My name is Maria Flowers. I am from Verona Kentucky. My goal is to become a counselor in social work. I joined Alpha Lambda Delta because it was a great opportunity to meet new friends and get involved. Alpha Lambda Delta is something you want to be in as first year student because it lets you set goals and reminders to yourself to always try your best and succeed. I urge everyone to look into ALD and become part of this amazing family to grow in your academic success. 

  • Takes and maintains minutes of meetings.
  • Logs attendance at meetings and functions.
  • Keeps clear, accurate records (including photos and archival documents).
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My name is Karson Evans. I’m from Burlington, Kentucky. I joined ALD because it gives me the opportunity to interact with other students who value their education and strive for academic achievement. ALD also offers me access to many scholarships and service activities here at NKU. Getting involved with Alpha Lambda Delta is an amazing chance to step up and represent your school as a leader in service, leadership, and academics. 

I’m currently a freshman at NKU. I am a Psychology major on the Pre-Med track with minors in Chemistry and Biology. Besides being on the executive board of ALD, I’m a mentor in the SHEP (Supported Higher Education Program) and an active member of Victors Volunteers.

  • Serves as primary communications officer, providing publicity for ALD events
  • Contributes news of chapter activities to the local campus media
  • Maintains Facebook page
Faikat Moliki



Hello, my name is Faikat Moliki.  I'm from Nigeria but I was born in Washington and raised in Ivory Coast in West Africa. I joined ALD because of the wonderful benefits I can gain from it. I can obtain formal recognition of my accomplishments which will encourage me to work harder, meet other high achieving students and get to know them better, and gain some tips on how to achieve good grades. Through ALD I'll also be able to participate in different activities and many more things.  I'm majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Computer Forensics. Besides being a part of ALD, Im also a member of the African Student Union as well as a member of NKU R.O.C.K.S.