Background and Historical Information

Foundation of Knowledge is the culminating effort of more than a year of faculty-driven examination of general education at NKU.  This effort built on the strengths of the existing general education program and sought to emphasize the enduring value of a Liberal Arts education. The result of this effort is a renewed general education program – Foundation of Knowledge.

The renewal of general education at NKU began in September 2008 with the formation of the General Education Exploratory Committee (GEEC).  GEEC solicited information from faculty on their perceptions of how general education might be changed to better meet student needs through a series of town hall meetings and an online survey. GEEC also researched multiple general education programs at institutions similar to NKU.  The input from faculty and the investigation of the current state of general education practice were used to produce a report in Spring 2009. This report suggested goals and student learning outcomes for updating NKU’s general education program.

In July 2009 the General Education Program Structure Committee (GEPSC) was assembled with broad representation of faculty across all NKU colleges.  GEPSC created three subcommittees and charged each to create a general education proposal for consideration and adoption through faculty governance and the Board of Regents. The completed proposals were distributed to the NKU faculty prior to the Fall 2009 academic term for review and discussion.  

GEPSC charged a refinement subcommittee to use the feedback on the three proposals to produce a single general education proposal for consideration and adoption through faculty governance and the Board of Regents.  The refinement subcommittee produced Foundation of Knowledge and forwarded it to Faculty Senate for approval.  Faculty Senate approved Foundation of Knowledge on October 26th, 2009 and submitted it for approval by the Board of Regents.  The Board of Regents approved the program on November 11th, 2009 and the university transitioned to the restructured general education program in Fall 2010.