The table below lists student programs and opportunities, click on the program name to open the application file.
Program Description Student Level Instructions Amounts Application Deadline Rubric
Summer Fellowship Application

Provide summer funding (and possibly supplies) for student research and creative activity.


There are a number of summer fellowships available across campus - this common application includes the Ecological Stewardship Institute Summer Fellowships (undergraduate, any major), Greaves (for STEM students), Swarts Milburn Undergraduate Research Award (for students in College of Arts and Science) and ISRCA Summer fellowships (for registered NKU undergraduate or graduate student).  Students who submit an application will be considered for any fellowship they qualify for during the review process.





Grad students

Application instructions Stipend amounts vary by funding agency. Maximum  supplies budget request is $500 for summer research fellowships
March 1, 2019   Summer fellowship rubric (non-Ecological Stewardship)


Student Presentation Award


Travel money for students to present their research or creative activity All students     Not currently accepting applications