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Professional Development with Coursera

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In partnership with Coursera, NKU is now able to offer faculty and staff a number of learning options through a curated selection of courses in a variety of subject areas, designed by top universities and companies around the world. You have the option of choosing a specialization--a series of related courses--or a completely stand-alone course.  All courses are free* to NKU faculty and staff, fully online, and on-demand.

To learn more about the course selections or see the list of curated courses, explore the curated list.  For additional details, refer to the FAQs.

To join the Faculty & Staff Learning Program and enroll in a course, please register and an HR staff member will connect with you momentarily. 

*Please note: The curated list below includes links to the Coursera site, where you can sign up to take courses on your own, either free or by paying out of pocket.  If you wish to earn a Coursera certificate at no cost to you, please do not register yourself through the Coursera site.  Instead, contact HR to register and receive the use of an NKU license.  If you register yourself and take Coursera courses for free, you will not receive a certificate, and if you pay out of pocket, you will not be reimbursed by NKU. The NKU Faculty & Staff Learning Program is only open to current employees of the university.

Course of the Week

An Intuitive Introduction to Probability

Did you know that we offer An Intuitive Introduction to Probability course? Through this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to apply Probability Theory in different scenarios and acquire a "toolbox" of methods to deal with uncertainty in your daily life. The course is divided into 5 modules, where you will receive an introduction to the topic, followed by further development of your knowledge. You will also complete 5 exercise sessions, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. With a lively and engaging teaching style, this course is the perfect opportunity to develop your skills in Probability Theory and become more confident in dealing with uncertainty. Register now and start your journey towards mastering understanding the Probability Theory.

Curated Course Collection for NKU Faculty and Staff


If you are NKU faculty or staff, please do not sign up for any of the specializations or courses below through the Coursera web site. Instead, register with HR to receive the use of an NKU license.

If you are not NKU faculty or staff, please do not submit your contact information to HR. Instead, email to learn about the other Coursera learning programs available to you. 

Google Professional Certificates

  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
    • Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere
    • Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions
    • Prepare Data for Exploration
    • Process Data from Dirty to Clean
    • Analyze Data to Answer Questions
    • Share Data Through the Art of Visualization
    • Data Analysis with R Programming
    • Google Data Analytics Capstone: Complete a Case Study
  • Google Digital Marketing E-Commerce Certificate
    • Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
    • Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing
    • From Likes to Leads: Interact with Customers Online
    • Think Outside the Inbox: Email Marketing
    • Assess for Success: Marketing Analytics and Measurement
    • Make the Sale: Build, Launch, and Manage E-commerce Stores
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Develop Customer Loyalty Online
  • Google Project Management Professional Certificate
    • Foundations of Project Management
    • Project Initiation: Starting a Successful Project
    • Project Planning: Putting It All Together
    • Project Execution: Running the Project
    • Agile Project Management
    • Capstone: Applying Project Management in the Real World
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