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Center for Environmental Education  

The Center for Environmental Education (CEE) is an NKU institute within the Center for Integrated Natural Science and Mathematics (CINSAM). In partnership with ESI, the Foundation for Ohio River Education and The Ohio River STEM Institute, CEE has developed a Water Quality App and River on the Web (ROW), a source for Ohio River information and water assessment education. Currently, the CEE’s ESI scholar is continuing research on the effective use of schools constructed with green building standards as learning laboratories for students.

In addition, the CEE’s faculty grant program is sponsoring the development of courses or modules to incorporate environmental education. Course topics include fair trade, local food, writing for sustainability, and assessing data on key local and global environmental issues. CINSAM and the Center for Environmental Education are the lead partners on a collaborative state-wide NASA grant to promote undergraduate STEM educator training utilizing the environment as a tool for teaching across disciplines.