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Educational Water Quality App

WaterQuality allows users to create a profile for a monitoring site in which they can enter chemical and bacterial monitoring data obtained from standard monitoring equipment. The app then provides graphs and illustrations that define and provide healthy ranges for various water quality measurables.

The program is also equipped with a digital field guide with pictures and information on various macroinvertebrate species.The presence of a variety of invertebrates is a key indicator of healthy waterways that are capable of sustaining diverse life.  Once users identify macroinvertebrates present in their monitoring location, the app can calculate how healthy a site’s water is through the Pollution Tolerance Index.

The app is currently being used in K-12 outdoor field trips, college science courses and teacher developmental courses.


River on the Web

If you’re a student, teacher, or just a concerned citizen, River on the Web is YOUR source for Ohio River information and educational resources! It features all of the best information collected from educational workshops, water monitoring programs, college courses, and other programs developed by the Ohio River STEM Institute and our educational partners.