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Gisela Garcia - Read her story

Gisela Garcia, Computer Science, COI

When Gisela Garcia walked into her first computer science class at Oldham County High School, she realized two things: she was the last student to arrive and she was the only girl.

“I remember a student approaching me after class to tell me that it was going to be a hard class and I should just drop it now. And the class was hard, but I didn’t drop it.” Gisela says.

The next month her hard work paid off, and she received the Computer Science Student of the Month Award.

Gisela dreamed of going to college and majoring in computer science, but she was worried about the cost. Ever since she can remember, Gisela has wanted to study computer science.

“I would make videos with my siblings, you know, scary movies and fake news shows. I was the one that always did the computer part and edited the video. I loved making it all come together.”

She applied to NKU and was accepted. But, she still had a few thousand dollars of tuition that she wasn’t sure how she could pay. So, she turned to scholarships.

“The first thing I did every afternoon after school was check the mail. I remember seeing a letter from NKU. I grabbed it and took it to my room. I put my bag down, and I sat on my bed.”

It turns out that she couldn’t finish reading the letter informing her that she was the recipient of the Rich and Lisa Boehne scholarship, “I was crying too hard to keep reading.”

Gisela is currently a student at NKU in the College of Informatics and she isn’t sure she would be here without the Rich and Lisa Boehne scholarship. She wants her donors to know how grateful she is. “I just can’t believe that they were willing to help a complete stranger. I hope they know how it has helped me get to where I am today.”

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