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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistants (GA) are assigned tasks that enhance their professional development or aid faculty members in their duties. Areas of development will vary depending on the assistant's area of study but may include: working in a clinical setting, database management, and scholarly or research activities. Assistants may also work with faculty to tutor, assist in the classroom, or grade. GAs are not considered clerical help.

Applications for graduate assistantships are available online at




NKU Office of Graduate Education does not offer any graduate scholarships directly. Below is a list of available scholarships through internal or external sources. More scholarships may be found online through searching The College Grants Graduate School Database.


  • BlueStar Scholarship

    Eligibility: Must be an undergraduate or graduate student with a declared major or minor in Entrepreneurship. Undergraduate applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 in the program and Graduate applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 in the program. All applicants must have two letters of recommendation from NKU faculty members.

    Amount: Varies

    Duration: One academic year, excluding summer sessions.

    Contact: Office of Student Financial Assistance

  • Chapter 88, Vietnam Veterans of America, LZ Bluegrass of Northern Kentucky Award

    Eligibility: Must be a United States military Vietnam Era veteran or spouse, child or grandchild of a living or deceased Vietnam Era veteran; Must have served between 1/1/59 and 5/7/75; must have served on active duty other than for initial active duty, active duty training, special active duty training for reserve or national guard forces; must be in good academic standing at NKU; must be accepted for enrollment at NKU; must attach form DD 214 to application.

    Amount: $500.

    Duration: One academic year excluding summer semester.

    Contact: Office of Student Financial Assistance

  • Master's Degree Scholarship in Psychology & Counseling

    Eligibility: This $500 scholarship is designed to support students who are pursuing master’s degrees in the areas of marriage and family therapy, clinical psychology, or community counseling. Eligibility is based on academic excellence and extracurricular activities.

    Amount: $500.


  • National Association of Junior Auxillaries, Inc

    Eligibility: Scholarships awarded to graduate students pursuing work with children, specificially within the areas of counseling and mental health.

    Amount: varies.


  • Violet and Cyril Frank Counseling Scholarship

    Eligibility: For graduate students whose counseling focus centers on working with those managing the stigma of mental illness. The award is $5,000 and candidates must apply through the American Psychological Association (APA).

    Amount: $5,000.


  • American School Counselor Foundation Scholarship

    Eligibility: This award for $1,000 is for those pursuing master’s degrees in counseling specifically related to school counseling.

    Amount: $1,000.


  • The Esther Katz Rosen Graduate Student Fellowship (APA)

    Eligibility: The American Psychological Foundation supports graduate study related to the psychological understanding of gifted and talented children and adolescents. The amount of the award is up to $25,000 for a one year graduate student fellowship

    Amount: Up to $25,000.


  • Fifth Third Bank Entrepreneurship Institute

    Eligibility: Must be enrolled as a MBA student with specialization in Entrepreneurship; must be enrolled in three credit hours per semester and have a minimum GPA of 3.50 in the MBA program.

    Amount: Varies.

    Contact: Fifth Third Bank Entrepreneurship Institute

  • McNair Scholars Graduate Funding Opportunities

    Eligibility: Varies.

    Amount: Varies.


  • Haile MBA Scholarship

    The Haile Foundation has generously agreed to provide scholarships for deserving MBA students. The stipulations for the scholarships are listed below along with application specifics.

    Eligibility: Preference given to entering students with GMAT score above 600 and to second year students with a 3.5 GPA or better. Scholarship winners in first year of the MBA program may apply for second year if in good standing (3.0 GPA). Non-continuing scholarships are awarded each year; individual amounts are determined by the MBA Scholarship Committee. Application must include a letter addressing: the importance of this award to the applicant’s continuing education, the financial situation that warrants consideration, career goals and how the MBA will assist in attaining these goals. Interest in a 10-15 hour/week graduate assistantship role is encouraged.

    Amount: $25,000 in non-continuing scholarships awarded each year; individual amounts at the discretion of the MBA director in consultation with the MBA faculty

    Contact: Haile/US Bank College of Business or Kari Wright-Perkins, // 859-572-6657.

  • MPA Diversity Scholarship

    Eligibility: This scholarship is for MPA students with a demonstrated commitment to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of diverse populations. Applicants must be new MPA students who have been fully admitted (not conditionally or provisionally) and write an essay detailing activities in which they will engage to promote diversity on campus and/or in the broader community. Preference will be given to students from underrepresented populations in the MPA program

    Amount: Amount varies; currently $1,000.

    Contact: Dr. Julie Olberding, MPA Director:



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