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The Respect and Protect Program provides FREE barrier contraceptive methods to NKU students. Male condoms (latex and non-latex), female condoms and dental dams are available where ever the Respect and Protect logo is displayed. The Fuel NKU pantry (located in Albright Health Center Suite 104) also stocks condoms at times.

Current sites of distribution include all NKU housing locations, Student Union 319 (office of Julie Bridewell), the LGBTQA office in Student Union 311, MEP 222G (Office of Jessica Taylor), and the Health, Counseling & Student Wellness office in University 440. New distribution sites may be added soon!

Barrier contraceptive methods are the best tool to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and the transmission of a sexually transmitted infection. The Health, Counseling & Student Wellness staff encourage students to make responsible decisions if and when they become sexually active. Please remember to respect your partner and protect yourself!