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College is a transitional period in the life of your student, but it can also be a transition for you too! We understand the importance of medical and mental health care and realize your concerns. We want to assure you that quality medical and mental health services will be available for your student right here on campus. 

The office of Health Counseling and Student Wellness works hard to provide our students with quality health care, and mental health care, without the hassle of having to leave campus. We strive to provide competent health and mental health services that meet the needs of a diverse university community, and we value and respect each individual student. 

Counseling services:

There is help available for your student on campus. If you are concerned about your student, first encourage them to come to HCSW in University Center 440. They can speak to a crisis clinician Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, or schedule a brief screening and intake. Our services are low cost and confidential. Due to the confidential nature of counseling, your student's counseling information cannot be shared with you unless they give written permission, but your knowledge and encouragement of counseling can be an important step in your student getting the help that they need. Please understand that ultimately, it is your student's decision as a legal adult to participate or not participate in counseling.

As the parent of a college student, there may be times that you are concerned about your child's mental health and well-being. Being informed about mental health issues and challenges that are commonly faced by college students can help. The following links will connect you with helpful information and resources:

If you are concerned about your child's immediate safety, such as in a crisis/emergency situation, please contact NKU Campus Police at: 859-572-7777. Campus Police can do a "well check" on your student if he/she lives on campus, as well as connect your student with an on-call clinician if it is outside of normal business hours. For more information about crisis/emergency situations, please see the Emergency information page.


Health Services:

There are multiple health services available on campus for your student. See the health services page for more information.  

See information about your student using your health insurance (on HCSW home page under Health Inusrance Information) at Health, Counseling and Student Wellness. If you do not have health insurance, consider researching options at Kynect, Kentucky's marketplace for health insurance, or  

Health, Counseling and Student Wellness also offers low out-of-pocket fees for students who do not have insurance, or who have a high deductible plan.