Educating About the Facts, Effects, and Risks of Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) at Northern Kentucky University is a mandatory, one-time intervention program designed to educate students about the facts, effects, and risks of abusing alcohol and/or other drugs.

This program was established to assist students who have been referred by University Housing, the Dean of Students Office, or Athletics for first-time infractions related to substance abuse on campus and for violating the University's alcohol and drug policy.

The goal of PREP is to help students discover, interpret, and apply the knowledge learned about substance abuse in order to adapt and improve upon their current functioning.

The PREP Program is committed to collegiality and excellence.  In order to support this core value, an ongoing evaluation of this program will occur after each session through distribution and completion of a Workshop Evaluation Form by each attending student.  This evaluation will provide important information on clarity and usefulness of presented information and offer an opportunity for open expression of ideas and comments about the class session.  Health, Counseling and Student Wellness will utilize this feedback as a means of improving upon the high standards already established for its program.

Classes are run by  Alcohol and other Drug Clinician

Siobhan Ryan-Perry, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., C.A.D.C.

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