REAL Peer Educators: Responsible Education About Life

Peer Educators are students providing prevention, education and outreach to other students. Peer educators bring awareness about wellness issues while making a difference for our students and the community. Our peer educators are nationally certified by the Bacchus network/NASPA. 


In 2015, NKU R.E.A.L. CHOICES program was awarded a three year grant from the NCAA CHOICES program. The purpose of the R.E.A.L. CHOICES program is to educate high risk student groups about substance use, dispel myths about drinking and promote the 8 dimensions of wellness across campus. Our goal is to provide R.E.A.L CHOICES to students through targeted prevention efforts, campus wide educational campaigns and community collaborations. NKU is grateful to NCAA for this opportunity and support of our student-athletes.


The misuse of alcohol by college students is of great concern to the NCAA. In an effort to educate students about the risks involved with the misuse of alcohol, the NCAA has, through the support of the NCAA Foundation and Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc., developed NCAA CHOICES, a grant program for alcohol education.

The NCAA CHOICES program provides funding for NCAA member institutions and conferences to integrate athletics departments into campus wide efforts to reduce alcohol abuse. NCAA CHOICES projects must partner athletics with other campus departments in the development and implementation of effective alcohol education projects.



Please note that if you are currently receiving counseling services from Health, Counseling and Student Wellness you are ineligible to be a Peer Educator. Your eligibility may also be impacted by the length of time between your last treatment episode with HCSW and the date of application.