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CHP alumna Winnie Wu has been a doctor, a mom, and a Ph.D. candidate. Now. she is a registered nurse. Read more!

Health Innovation Center

The Health Innovation Center


Welcome to the College of Health Professions

The College of Health Professions (CHP) was founded in 2009 with a focus on promoting an innovative environment to facilitate excellence in academic scholarship, engagement, practice, leadership, lifelong learning, and inter-professional education within a global context to promote health.  The College’s faculty is a dynamic and progressive team of educators and staff, who practice and teach in a professional and collegial environment. CHP is known on campus for being entrepreneurial and having strong accredited programs.

The rapid growth and transformation in the U.S. health care sector and the corresponding health care related labor demand has been well documented. Emerging configurations in the  demographic makeup of patients and the shift from volume to value in health care delivery  have made  cost reduction, quality, inclusive excellence, inter-professional practice, and cultural competency of some the top critical success factors for health care organizations. As our understanding and health needs have evolved, there has been a greater demand for Health Professionals to deliver cost-effective care and meet challenges and trends, such as an aging, increasing number of insured, rising addiction, need for prevention and early detection, and a more diverse patient population. These challenges are problematic in northern Kentucky where some of the highest incidence and prevalence of disease burdens in the US is coupled with some of the highest shortage in health care providers.

Currently, we offer programs in Nursing, Radiologic Science, Respiratory Care, and Health Science to help prepare our students to face these challenges. All of our programs are fully accredited by their respective professional and/or educational accrediting agencies. Although our programs are delivered in either a traditional classroom setting, online, or hybrid of the two; graduates of our program are:

  • Prepared to think and practice as competed leaders in healthcare, and/or educational settings.
  • Given opportunities for additional learning through a wide array of clinical experiences in sites throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.
  • Provided learning experiences that have led them to develop as critical thinkers and compassionate clinicians. 
  • Trained to provide culturally competent, cost-effective, and quality health care in an inter-professional environment

Moreover, our students are involved in interdisciplinary exchange between other colleges on campus so that they gain the necessary skills and experience to grow as health professionals.

CHP is known for its network of relationships and collaborations with industry and community partners to foster faculty and student service, research, and leadership activities. Our flagship entities for community and industry engagement are the Nursing Advocacy Centers for the Underserved (NACU), Rho Theta Honor Society of Nursing, and the Northern Kentucky Nursing and Inter-professional Research Collaborative (NIRC).