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FAQs- Employee and Retiree Pension Benefits

  1. What are the KERS Tiers?·         
        Tier 1: 
    Participation before 9/1/2008. Please see the Tier 1 Guide for detailed plan information.
        Tier 2: 
    9/1/2008 through 12/31/2013. Please see the Tier 2 Guide for detailed plan information.
        Tier 3: 
    Participation on or after 1/1/14. Please see the Tier 3 Guide for detailed plan information.

  2. How will the university share pension updates with the campus?
    We plan to hold open forums in the fall and spring and will send regular email updates. We created this pension central website for updates, and you can also email questions directly to

  3.  Where do I find out details about my current KERS retirement funds? 
    Each person’s options are different in regard to KERS. To help employees understand the impact on them, HR is developing a guide. However, NKU’s HR department does not have direct access to employees’ KERS accounts, because the university does not run the pension plan. NKU employees can access their personal KERS account by going to

    You may also contact the KERS representative at email:, telephone: 502-696-8800 (Main Office) toll Free: 1-800-928-4646. If the university moves employees to a defined contribution plan, there will be opportunities to discuss options with a TIAA representative on campus. Please also see the KERS Quasi-Governmental Cessation FAQ on the KERS website. 
  4. How will the move to the TIAA Defined Contribution Plan work?         If the decision is to exit the system, Tier 1 and Tier 2 employees, earned pension credit would not be forfeited, but KERS employees will no longer contribute to or continue earning service credit in KERS. Tier 3 employees may elect to rollover their KERS account balance as of June 30, 2020 into the TIAA defined contribution plan by submitting KERS Form 1500 to KERS by August 31, 2020. Moving forward, the employee would continue to contribute at a certain level, and the university would provide an annual 10 percent contribution to their TIAA account.
  5. I’m a Tier 3 vested employee, how does this impact me?
    If the decision is to exit the system, upon cessation date of June 30, 2020, your KERS account would be moved to the defined contribution plan. This account would include your contributions and the vested match amount during your time in KERS.

  6. Will Tier 3 employees and new hires move to TIAA Defined Contribution Plan right away?
    If the decision is to exit the system, new hires on July 1, 2020 and after will automatically be enrolled in NKU’s defined contribution plan. Tier 3 employees will move to the TIAA plan effective July 1, 2020.

  7. Will this impact retirees?
    HB 1 only impacts current employees enrolled in KERS. Retirees will continue to receive their KERS benefit.
  8. I am in Tier 1. What are the health plan benefits? If you were hired by a participating agency prior to July 2003, KERS will pay a percentage of the monthly contribution rate based on your years and type of service. If you were hired by a participating agency between July 2003 and August 2008and are non-hazardous, you will receive $10 per month for each year of earned service. If you are hazardous, you will receive $15 per month for each year of earned service.  You must have 10 years of earned service at retirement to be eligible. 
  9. What is the timeline for HB1 implementation?

- July 24, 2019 Date of expected passage of House Bill 1 (HB1) 

- July 25, 2019 - April 1, 2020 Assessment of options allowed under HB1 

- January 7- April 15, 2020 General Assembly Session in which any HB1 authorizations, budget request and/or other legislative actions to amend HB1 to occur 

- April 1, 2020 NKU Board of Regents to determine by this date which HB1 option to implement 

- June 30, 2020 Cessation date - If the University decides to leave KERS.



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