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Free legal resources to help you during the coronavirus outbreak

We understand it’s not easy adjusting to the new and challenging disruptions the coronavirus outbreak has caused in our daily lives. If you need help during these difficult times, sign up for access to ARAG Cares DIY Docs offered by our legal insurance plan provider.

When you sign up, you’ll have free access to these legal resources:

DIY Docs, which allows you to create a variety of legally valid documents, including:

  • Medical authorization forms for children
  • Complaint letters for credit and consumer issues
  • Powers of attorney, will and other estate planning documents
  • And more…

The online Learning Center, where you can view articles, guidebooks and videos with helpful tips and info regarding a wide range of legal and financial matters.

If you’re not a current legal plan member, sign up by June 30, 2020 to receive a free 60-day membership to ARAG Cares DIY Docs.

Already a legal plan member?

If you’re currently a member of the legal insurance plan, the good news is that you already receive unlimited access to DIY Docs. You also have access to network attorneys for legal advice, document review and representation, as well as insurance coverage for a wide range of paid-in-full legal matters. Log in at to use your plan benefits.

For more information about Legal Services please call 1-855-578-9942.