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Supervisors, Managers, and Leaders are key roles that enable the achievement and success of the University, employees, and student population. Each program aligns with the journey of potential, newly established, and experienced managers and provides opportunities to grow and develop the knowledge, skills, and aptitude (KSAs) necessary for their current role and prepare for their future role.

Below is a listing of programs that are being designed to elevate the KSAs of Supervisors, Managers, and Leaders. More information will be forthcoming about each program and the application process.

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New Manager Training Program

Coming Soon:

Curiosity About Management (CAM) BootcampsFor individual contributors (non-managers) who are interested in exploring the idea of a role in management.

Aspiring Leaders of Tomorrow (ALT) Program For individual contributors (non-managers) who are identified as being a high-potential for a management / leadership role.

Learning Essentials for New Supervisors (LENS) ProgramFor newly established supervisors, who do not have all of the management functions but acts as team leader.

Experienced Employees in Leadership (ExCEL) Program - For managers / leaders, who have more than three years of experience and could benefit from a refresh and more forward thinking learning.

High Impact Leadership Sessions (HILS) - For senior and executive leaders, who recognize the importance and benefits of a coach and have a pressing challenge requiring assistance.