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A very prestigious opportunity for those who have direct reports and have 0 – 3 years of managerial experience, needs a refresher on management /leadership, or wants to pursue the completion of the New Manager Certificate or Certification Program.

Certificate Program - Next round Spring 2023: This program is a practicum of interpersonal (soft) skills necessary to be successful in a manager (leader) role. The focus of the program includes development of self / mindset and concept of leading and developing team / relationships.

Application deadline is TBA.

A maximum of 35 employees will be selected each semester (Spring and Fall).

Join us for one of the information sessions taking place TBA.

Certification Program - Coming Fall 2022: In combination with the courses required of the certificate program, participants will engage in courses related to the functional aspect of their role at NKU, which will include Human Resources (recruitment and hiring, performance management and employee relations, professional development, etc.), diversity for managers, workforce management, finance and budgeting, (and possibly risk management).

New! Crucial Conversations for Managers - The Kick-off | Information Session - September 21 at 10 AM

Click HERE to access flyer with information and registration link.


Why is manager/leader training important?

According to the Lorman Group (2021), “Employees who have received leadership training also have better teamwork skills and are more prepared to progress to higher positions. Not only does training help prepare junior staff for the future, but it also ensures tenured managers are actively working to enhance their leadership skills.”

Consider that “43% of managers who have been in their role for less than a year say they’ve had no training.”

According to (2021), training is essential to equipping first-time managers with the knowledge, skills, and aptitude necessary to be successful at motivating and leading a team.