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Employee performance evaluations provide an opportunity for self-assessment, goal setting and professional development as a well as recognition for outstanding service. Because evaluating an employee is a process, there are activities that happen over time versus a singular day of review, feedback, and waiting until next year’s review date. On this page, you will find the tools and resources necessary to manage the performance evaluation process.

The end result is the completion of the 2021-2022 Annual Performance Evaluation Form (can fill in online or print as a handwritten document). Word version / PDF version

Examples of Good and Bad Performance Evaluations


  • 30-60-90 Day Evaluation:  Upon conclusion of a new employee's probationary period, a 90-day performance evaluation should be completed as a means to document the assessment of a new employee’s performance and advise HR whether employment should continue. Probationary periods generally end 90 days after an employee has started his/her new position. (can fill in online or print as a handwritten document). Word version / PDF version

Please submit the completed and signed 90-Day form to Human Resources by clicking HERE.

  • Performance Evaluation Course:  Learn or enhance knowledge about performance evaluation in terms of the concept and process, best practices, and the art of performance evaluation review conversation via Safe Colleges course: Performance Evaluation.

Below illustrates the performance evaluation process.

Share Expectations / Goals / Development Plan

Track Progress and Conduct Periodic Check-Ins

  • Periodic Review Template
  • Ongoing Activities Guide

Prepare for Evaluation and Conduct Meetings

  • Performance Review Checklist
  • 360-Degree Review Basics
  • Conversation Tips


For questions regarding the staff performance review process, please contact:

Marquita Barron
Director of Training & Development
Human Resources
AC 716
(859) 572-7749