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Participate for Perks
Investing in your health has great rewards! 

*Perks program is under construction. You can redeem any current punched cards you have via email. Instructions below!

The Perk card is your ticket to fantastic rewards. All you have to do is participate in wellness programs and activities throughout the year and get your Perk Card “punched” each time you attend.

Here’s how:

1. Pick up a new Perks card at any Wellness class or event.

2. Bring your perk card to all wellness programs and activities* and earn “perk punches” on your card.

3. When you’ve filled a card with perk punches, you can redeem that card for a $5 All Card gift certificate. Redeem up to 4 Perks cards per month - a total of $20 on your All Card possible!

4. NEW! Redeem your Perk cards for All Card dollars by email! Scan or take a photo of your punched Perk cards, front and back, complete the prize and award form and send via email to Kim Baker at The money will be added to your card in 1-3 days from the time documents are received unless otherwise stated. 

*Participants may redeem a maximum of 4 Perks cards per month.

All Card gift certificates available on a first come, first serve basis. Supplies limited.

Receive 2 punches for:

Receive 3 punches for:




Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a limit to the number of cards I can keep punching?
A. No, we want to reward you for your continued investment in your health and well-being, but you can only redeem a maximum of 4 cards per month. 

Q. What if I forget my card at an event?
A. There are always extra Perk cards at events. 

Q. What if I lose my card?
A. You can pick up a new Perk card at your next event or at the Human Resources front desk on the 7th floor of the Lucas Administrative Center. We cannot replace lost punches. 

Q. Does my Perks card expire?

A. As long as you have a recent card with no expiration date listed on the back, no. You can only redeem 4 per month.