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Inclusive Excellence Council Members

  • Darryl Peal, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Abdou Ndoye, Assistant Vice Provost, Associate Professor
  • Amy Danzo, Director,Testing Services &Adult Learner Program
  • Bethany Bowling, Senior Associate Dean, Professor
  • Bonnie Meyer, Director of LGBTQ Services
  • Brandelyn Tosolt, Faculty, Associate Professor
  • Caroline Macke, Faculty, Associate Professor
  • Cindy Knox, Director, Disability Programs & Services
  • Cori Henderson, Associate Director, IR
  • Dannie Moore, Co-Interim Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • David Berland, Director, University Housing
  • David Childs, Faculty, Associate Professor
  • David Tataw, Interim Director, Associate Professor
  • Frank Robinson, Director, Norse Advising
  • Jack Harrison, Faculty, Professor
  • Judy Voelker, Faculty, Associate Professor
  • Kimberly McCoy, Advisor, Adult Learner Programs & Services
  • Kimberly Harris, Assistant Director, Admissions
  • Leah Stewart, Assistant VP, Enrollment & Financial Aid
  • Lori Wright, Director, Student Support Services
  • Maureen Doyle, Chair, Professor
  • Rachel Green, Director of Employee Relations & EEO
  • Shamima Ahmed, Faculty, Professor
  • Sherri Jones, Administrative Assistant II, Enrollment Management
  • Carlous Yates, Director of African American Study Programs
  • Arnie Slaughter, Co-Interim Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • Erika Jay, Faculty, Lecturer
  • Ande Durojaiye, Vice Provost
  • Nicole Dillard, Faculty, Assistant Professor
  • Leo Calderon, Director of Latino Student Affairs
  • Jose Saavedra Torres, Faculty, Assistant Professor
  • Amal Said, Faculty, Associate Professor
  • Tayshawn Elliott, Student Representative