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Zeta Phi Chapter of Phi Beta Delta, the Honor Society of International Scholars







According to Phi Beta Delta headquarters, "Phi Beta Delta is the first honor society dedicated to recognizing scholarly achievement in international education. The Society, founded at California State University (Long Beach) in 1986, was established as a national organization with 38 chartered chapters in 1987, and has grown to become an international society" with over 175 chapters in the United States, including ten chapters (as of 2012) at international universities in Bulgaria, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Ukraine.

Phi Beta Delta's goals, as stated in the by-laws, are "to recognize achievement in international educational interchange, and in doing so, serve as a catalyst:"

  • to increase the recognition, credibility, and importance of the international experience;
  • to develop a network of individuals (students, faculty, and staff) involved in the international experience;
  • to create international, academic-based programming on campuses; and
  • to connect individuals on university campuses and throughout the world involved in the international experience.

NKU’s Zeta Phi Chapter was chartered on December 15, 2006. The current NKU chapter consists of faculty, staff, students, and alumni engaged in international education.

Our Greek symbols, ΦΒΔ, stand for philomatheia, biotremmonia, and diapheren (i.e., love of knowledge, valuing of human life, and achieving excellence). Our Latin mottoScientia Mutua Mundi, means "A Shared Knowledge of the World."

For more information about Phi Beta Delta, visit the national chapter web site:





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