What should you do if your copyrighted work has been infringed? What if a competitor is using your trademark without your permission? What should you do when someone has plagiarized a Fair Use portion of your work with no credit attribution? Below are sample links to some sites which address these situations.

Infringement Reaction

American Society of Media Photographers: What to Do If Your Work Is Infringed

Graphic Artist Guild: If You Want To Sue for Copyright Infringement by Lee Wilson

Nolo: Enforcing Your Trademark Rights

U.S. Copyright Office: Circular 92 – Copyright Infringement and Remedies

U.S. Copyright Office: Stopping Copyright Infringement

Cease and Desist Letter Templates

Cornell University Law School: Cease and Desist Letter

eHow: How to Write Cease and Desist Letters to Stop Copyright Infringement

JD Supra Law News: Cease & Desist Letter – Trademark Infringement

National School Supply and Equipment Association: Copyright Infringement Sample Letter

Plagiarism Today: Stock Letters (Cease and Desist, DMCA Notice, etc.)

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