The Office of Information Technology's Fiscal Year 2020 Objectives are listed here. 

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Strategic Framework Objective
Access Support summer outreach programs by providing accounts, equipment, and technical support (Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs, Summer Spark, etc.)
Access Participate in review and recommendation for improving NKU’s equipment inventory process (RFID, policy recommendations, etc.)
Access Address audit findings and federal/state compliance requirements
Access/Completion Enable student mobility by adding new and enhancing existing services that will support broadening access and making it easier for students to complete requirements. (Fiori, etc)
Access/Completion Enhance and improve classroom technology equipment and services to expand access and support student success toward their degree completion.
Access/Completion Advance data security initiatives (policy, vendor mgt., education, etc.)
Access/Completion Research and implement additional phases of degree audit so that students have a clear understanding of graduation requirements in support of student access and completion
Access/Completion Research and implement additional phases of academic planning to allow more efficient scheduling of classes and rooms
Access/Completion Offer online training courses, face-to-face workshops, and reference material for NKU provided software (Zoom, AEM, One Drive, etc)
Access/Completion Continue implementation of the Personalize and Mobilize initiative to enhance mobile access to NKU resources.
Access/Completion Continue to participate in strategic discussions and performing implementation of administrative system improvements for faculty/staff.
Access/Completion Continue to explore cloud computing options that would improve services to our customers, while weighing the feasibility, security, and compatibility with existing systems.
Access/Completion Expand our portfolio of security tools to continually improve our ability to monitor, remediate, and protect systems from malicious activities
Access/Completion Perform a dorm network upgrade to improve throughput and support student access to academic requirements and student life.
Access/Completion Upgrade classroom technologies to support the delivery of instruction (replace classroom equipment, improve software tool sets, etc)
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Support NKU’s goal of expanded offerings of online courses and expanded online enrollments by facilitating and implementing equipment and services that enable access and completion of degrees.
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Enhance and expand our reporting and analytics tools to improve strategic and tactical decision-making that will expand access to students, help retain students, clearly define completion paths, and inform/provide career opportunities
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Provide resources for strategic initiatives that other areas are pursuing which are in support of access, completion, and/or career & community engagement.
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Implement an internal project prioritization process that includes intake, RoI, resource allocation, etc
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Promote staff development and leverage employee strengths in support of access, completion, and career/community engagement.
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Implement policy creation/update processes that provide a secure framework, address compliance requirements, and formalize roles and responsibilities for all faculty/staff/students and other constituents who interact with NKU
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Improve NKU’s ADA accessibility by implementing and leveraging technological solutions and creating policy that supports legal requirements (Blackboard Ally, Closed Captioning, LMS review, etc)
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Collaborate with Facilities Mgt to support new and renovation construction projects (UK Med Center, Classroom Upgrades, SU Ballroom, etc)
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Address deferred maintenance requirements by replacing aging technology infrastructure (science center network upgrades, server upgrades, etc.)
Access/Completion/Career & Community Engagement Improve technology event support by providing new and updated equipment/software that is required to deliver quality services.
Completion Continue implementation of a 5-year computer replacement cycle for faculty, staff, and computer lab devices while also focusing on inventory reduction and reallocation of viable devices.
Completion Enhance IT support for colleges and units (decentralizing the locations for technology support)
Completion Continually improve customer service by listening to customers and adjusting delivery methods & implementing innovative solutions to meet the needs of our broad constituency base.
Completion Implement initial phases of a disaster recovery solution that addresses critical system and communication requirements
Completion Upgrade/replacement of analog security cameras to a digital platform that is centrally controllable for security purposes
Completion/Career & Community Engagement Provide real-world employment opportunities to students, enhancing their educational experience and assisting with career readiness (Interalliance, etc).