ITAC Sub-Committees

Information Technology Advisory Group creates sub committees to focus on strategic priority areas. 

The sub-committee memberships are made up of people who have an interest in the specific topic. 

Membership on a sub-committees is not restricted to ITAC representatives. Anyone on campus can participate in sub-committees. If you have an interest in being involved in a sub-committee, please contact the sub-committee chair.

Hardware/Smart Classroom Subcommittee

Reviews IT hardware standards and policies, making recommendations, to provide IT with a source of feedback. They also review equipment replacement processes and fiscal constraints to provide feedback and recommendations for improvement.

  • Brad Sieve
  • Brad McCombs
  • Chris Stobel
  • Ellen Maddin
  • Bert Brown
  • Tracy Insko
  • Jack Cooper

Software Subcommittee

Reviews and provides feedback on IT supported software. Looks for campus-wide efficiencies in licensing and fiscal management for software purchases. Runs the annual ITAC Academic Software Allocation Process.

  • Chair: Bert Brown
  • Brad McCombs
  • Thomas Heard
  • Morteza Sadat-Hossieny
  • Chris Strobel
  • Tam McCreless

ELearning Subcommittee

The e-learning sub-committee helps to test and provide feedback for new versions of Blackboard and other e-learning tools. The committee also discusses current topics, issues, and recommendations for online instruction at NKU.

  • Chair: Shannon Eastep
  • Diana Gronefeld
  • Ellen Maddin
  • Jeffrey Chesnut
  • Kristen Lovett
  • Marcos Misis
  • Michael Hatton
  • Nancy Lang
  • Toru Sakaguchi
  • Nancy Jentsch
  • Bethany Bowling

Process Improvements and Efficiencies Subcommittee

The primary focus of the Staff subgroup is to assist IT in ensuring staff technology needs are being met. Topics we have covered include training, ways to enhance functionality in myNKU, BW reporting suggestions, procedure for contacting IT with software/hardware needs, procedure for requesting work at home software, smart/cell/desk phones, new products.

  • Chair: Lori McMillin
  • Josh Neumeyer
  • JoAnn Fincken
  • Katie Lovold
  • Tiffany Budd
  • Tiffany Freytag
  • Vicki Cooper
  • Brad Sieve
  • Amy Ishmael
  • Martha Biederman

Mobile Technology

The sub committee focuses on mobile technology's impact on educational experiences and also mobile technology policies, procedures, or resources issues that impact faculty, staff, and students.  

  • Chair: Don Stinson
  • Gina Fieler
  • Shannon Eastep
  • Gary Johnston
  • Jeffrey Chesnut
  • Chris Bowling
  • Tim Ferguson