We are all responsible to protect the data we access and control. One of the best ways to prevent sensitive data leakage is to not have it stored on devices such as PC's, laptops, portable drives, or Macs. Inappropriate storage and access of sensitive data is prohibited by university policy and can result in identity theft, FERPA violations, policy violations or worse.  After all, the identity you protect may be your own!


What is Identity Finder? 

Identity Finder is a data loss prevention tool that NKU has licensed for use across campus.  It is designed to search a computer for sensitive or personal information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or other Personally Identifiable Information.  Once scanned, Identity Finder allows the user to securely delete, redact, or move the data to a secure location to help safeguard the campus community against identity theft, help you inprotecting your own identity, and help NKU comply with university policy and federal laws governing the safe handling and removal of private information.

For more information, see Identity Finder FAQs and / or the Identity Finder User Guide.

How to use Identity Finder:

To obtain Identity Finder, download the Identity Finder installation file or contact the IT Help Desk at (859) 572-6911 to request installation.

Would you like to use it on your home (personal) computer?

In cooperation with our campus licensing agreement, Identity Finder provides a website where NKU faculty, staff and students can obtain FREE software for protecting their home computers. This service is for personal use only, and not available for NKU workstations or laptops. All you need is a valid nku.edu email address to access and download this helpful product.  See http://www.identityfinder.com/us/store/StudentInitiative/NKU0801.


How To... 

Once Identity Finder is installed, use the following links to find out how to scan your computer and remove any PII you may find:

Scan Your Computer With Identity Finder (Windows)

Remove Personal Information From Your Computer

For more information, see Identity Finder FAQs and / or the Identity Finder User Guide.