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Strategic Priority: Impact Student Success

Update the current academic software portfolio to provide more software for educational use.


  • Provide funds for new software that can impact the instructional process
  • Provide funds for existing software that has an impact on the instructional process


  • Impacts the largest number of students
  • Provide funds for software that are used directly in academic instruction
  • Help departments meet curricular requirements


The Academic Software Allocation Program is an annually funded program that is run by the Information Technology Advisory Committee. Annually, the committee has a software request process whereby deans/dept chairs/directors submit prioritized software requests for the committee’s review. Below is information about previous allocations and the general timeline for the annual process. This is a copy of the submission form. Due date for this year’s process is June 7, 2019.

Historical Information:

FY 2019 ITAC Software Allocations

FY 2018 ITAC Software Allocations

FY 2017 ITAC Software Allocations

FY 2016 ITAC Software Allocations

FY 2015 ITAC Software Allocations

FY 2014 ITAC Software Allocations

FY 2013 ITAC Software Allocations

Annual Schedule:

Actionable Group Appox. Date Action(s)
ITAC April 15 Sends out a directed email to dept chairs (view form) to fill out to request funding for academic software
ITAC April 30
Communicate program initiation to faculty via MidWeek, IT News, and IT website
ITAC  May 15 Send reminder to dept chairs
Dept Chairs June 1 Email completed, prioritized form to ITAC
ITAC June 15 Compile all requests and evaluate
ITAC June 30 Allocate funds for software purchases
Dept Chairs July 15 Provide budget codes for transfer of funds
IT July 30 IT transfers allocated funds to Departments
Dept Chairs Sept.-Dec. Provide ITAC with proof of purchase