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Strategic Priority: Maintain

Provide fiscal and technology support resources to complete annual IT programs


  • To provide reliable classroom technology that supports academic instruction
  • To provide relevant technology that enhances the teaching and learning process


  • Allocate technology such that classroom equipment could be replaced on a necessary cycle
  • Reduce the quantity of hardware related failures
  • Help departments meet curricular requirements by customizing equipment for the classroom


The Smart Classroom Program is an annually funded program that addresses the replacement and upgrade of classroom technology. For FY15, the program is allocated $30,000. 

Classrooms are identified for equipment replacement based on these criteria: 

  • Age of Equipment
  • Problematic nature of the equipment
  • Input from Facilities on physical modifications/plans
  • Recommendation of a Dean

After combining these factors, a prioritized list is created.

Evaluation of funding requirements then sets a targeted list of Smart Classroom Replacements for the fiscal year.

Note: Due, in large, to the limited access to classrooms, the program typically does classroom installs/upgrades in the summer or during winter break. After the target list is created, IT works with Department Chairs to identify the best timing for the replacements to occur.

Annual Schedule

Actionable Group Appox. Date Action(s)


May 1

Determine Funding for the Smart Classroom Program


May 15

Identify age based and problematic classrooms that need to be replaced


July 1

Opportunity to provide prioritized list of classroom replacement needs


July 15

Set FY targeted list of classrooms to be replaced/upgraded


August 1

Identify timeframe for replacement to occur


August 1

Identify equipment replacement items


August 15

Begin ordering/planning for replacement/upgrade installation