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Strategic Priority: Maintain

Provide fiscal and technology support resources to complete annual IT programs


Provide secure, robust, and ubiquitous wireless access throughout campus.


  • Replace access points on a 5-year plan (dependent on funding)
  • Review feedback from IT Student Survey and address wireless concerns
  • Saturate academic areas to support BYOD


The Wireless Program is an annually funded program that addresses and replacement, upgrade, and saturation needs of our campus wireless network.  We currently provide a complex wireless infrastructure that is composed of more than 2,000 access points, controllers, and other devices.

Annual wireless improvements are based on:

  • Age of equipment
  • New releases of technology
  • Feedback from student survey

After combining these factors, a prioritized list of areas is targeted. IT then works with area Directors/Chairs to communicate upgrade plans and develop a schedule for implementation.

Note: Due, in large, to the limited access to classrooms, the upgrades are typically completed during the summer and winter break. After the target list is created, IT works with Department Chairs to identify the best timing for the replacements to occur.