Computer Replacement Program

Most NKU computers are replaced regularly with funding allocated from our  annual Computer Replacement Program.

Purchasing hardware outside of our Computer Replacement Program

If you choose to purchase equipment out of departmental funds instead, we have negotiated deals with certain vendors. Please visit our technology procurement page designed for purchases outside our annual replacement program.

Technology Procurement change to workflow

Beginning Feb. 15, 2017, technology items in excess of $500 that are procured using the technology-related material groups listed below will have an additional workflow approval through the Office of Information Technology. Your process of submission and existing workflows will not change, but just prior to Procurement receiving the requisition, the Office of Information Technology will be included in the workflow. This will help to improve our fiscal management for technology purchases and help support related activities.

  • 20020920     PrePaid Comp Maint                         
  • 30065954     Contr Svcs-Computer                      
  • 50055610     Supplies-Data Proc                          
  • 50057204     Tech Equip/Sft <$500                    
  • 51015545     Comp Equ 500-4999                        
  • 51020285     Aud/Vis Equ 500-4999                  
  • 52660916     Cable Television                               
  • 52710984     Rental-Computer                             
  • 73710206     Computer Equ State
  • 52725939     Maint- Computer
  • 52730939     Maint-Software
  • 52745208     Site Lic-Software
  • 70035204     Netwrk Cabling State
  • 70040206     Netwrk Elecrcl State
  • 70115680     Audi/Vis Equ >5000
  • 70130209     Comp.Printers >5000
  • 70135209     Computer Equ >5000


  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

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