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Data Center

Our Data Center is a vital part of NKU containing many of the machines that operate our systems, servers and network. Our Data Center is located on campus in a secure facility open to necessary personnel only. We offer:

  • 24x7 system monitoring
  • Controlled power, water and temperature environment
  • Daily back-ups
  • Offsite storage and restoration services
  • Problem management systems

Server management (virtual servers)

The servers in our Data Center are responsible for providing resources such as myNKU to many uses at once. In addition, some of the powerful servers are "split" into smaller, virtual servers. This allows us to provide hosting services for users across campus that are in need of a dedicated server. A virtual server provides the same functionality of a physical server with a few added benefits including the flexibility to add memory or processing power in minutes, no physical hardware for you to maintain, plus the confidence that the server is located in a secure, temperature-controlled Data Center with back-up power. Also, there are usually cost savings involved since you won’t need to buy new server hardware or operating systems.


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