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As an NKU employee or student, you are provided an NKU e-mail address by the University. This address is used by most academic and administrative offices to send you Important messages. When you graduate from the University, you will keep your NKU email address.

We use Microsoft Office 365 that allows you to log into your account with your NKU username and password from any device where ever you have internet access. Students, faculty and staff have 50GB of email storage.

We support email applications used on desktops, tablets and phones. This includes troubleshooting, set-up and maintenance. Microsoft Outlook is provided to faculty and staff. Other email clients come pre-installed with desktop operating systems or are available for individual download from the internet.



  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

How to Request Service


Contact the IT Help Desk


Available when IT Help Desk is open

Division Responsible

IT Help Desk, Desktop Support, Server Team

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