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A listserv is a mailing list that facilitates the distribution of email postings from one person to all persons subscribed to a list. When sending out email to large numbers of people, listservs are needed due to limitations of the number of people you can send emails to using NKU email.

Lists can be established by faculty and staff for university or research related purposes. Student lists can be created at the request of the faculty or staff advisor, or the student life office. Each list has an email address, such as: Emails sent to a list email address are distributed to the subscribers of the list.

There are three types of lists.

  • An announcement list is setup so that the list owner is the only one who can post to the list.
  • A private list is setup so that only the owner and subscribers can post to the list.
  • A public list is setup so that anyone in the world can post to the list.


  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

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