Norse Print

Norse Print allows students, faculty and staff to print from anywhere from any device. How it works:

1. Email your document from your NKU account to:

  • if you want black ink, double sided (save paper!)
  • if you want black ink, single sided
  • for color ink (library 4th floor lab is the only kiosk that can print in color)

If you send it from a personal email account instead, you'll receive an email to register that personal account.

2. Visit one of the following locations that offer Norse Print Kiosks. Remember that only the Library 4th floor lab kiosk offers color printing; the other locations are black printing only.  

  • Steely Library 1st Floor Lab (SL100)
  • Steely Library 4th Floor Lab (SL400)
  • Science Center 4th Floor
  • Norse Tech Bar (UC, plaza level)

3. Log in with your NKU username and password.

4. Release your document to the printer.