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We offer several software options for faculty and staff to host online meetings, web conferences and record lectures. Each of the options are intended for specific purposes as described below, however, the ultimate decision is up to the user.



Zoom is a video conferencing platform with several tools to allow you to host and run simple meetings or large webinars.

Zoom Tutorials

Getting Started with Zoom (video)

Zoom Test Call

Want to test out your Webcam, Microphone, or just your interent connection? Follow the above link to join a mock session with just yourself to test your equipment.


Microsoft Teams

Teams is a collaboration tool that allows colleagues to chat with each other, collaborate on projects, assign work, and host online meetings with screen-sharing.

Access Teams

Video Introduction to Microsoft Teams




Kaltura is a video hosting service that allows you to easily record and upload videos from your computer into Canvas. Videos uploaded to Kaltura can be placed anywhere in your course or automatically placed in a Course Gallery so all of your videos are centrally located for your students. 

Kaltura Help from CITE




  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

How to Request Service


Contact the IT Help Desk



Division Responsible

Server Team, Training Team, CITE

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