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NKU Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Logging into VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows faculty, staff and students to access several NKU systems while off campus.


How do I connect to my network drives (J: and K:)?

You can gain access to NKU network drives from your personal computer in by mapping your network drives.  First, connect to the VPN using the instructions in the section below, then select from the following buttons:

Instructions for Windows
Instructions for Mac



Note: Most NKU resources do not require the use of VPN.  Resources that require VPN include:

  • Network Drives (J: and K:)
  • Department Servers
  • Adobe AEM
  • Some myNKU functionality
    • Order approvals, UWL, and SAP GUI are the only functions that require VPN.  All other myNKU functions do not require VPN.