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This page will provide information and assistance with software you can use to teach from home.

The Office of Information Technology is here to help with any questions or issues you may have.  If you have questions or need anything related to teaching online, contact us at  For all regular technology issues, contact the IT Help Desk via telephone or chat, or Schedule a meeting with a Client Support Specialist. IT is available by appointment to assist with technology (computers, hot spots, etc.) that cannot solved remotely.


Teaching Online



Need to move your course online?  You can get help from the Client Support Specialist in your building. 

Contact your Client Support Specialist


You can also get help from the Center for Innovation and Technology for Education (CITE).  If you are using Canvas for the first time, IT and CITE can help get you started.

Canvas Help from CITE



Kaltura is a video hosting service that allows you to easily record and upload videos from your computer into Canvas. Videos uploaded to Kaltura can be placed anywhere in your course or automatically placed in a Course Gallery so all of your videos are centrally located for your students.  The Client Support Specialist in your building can help with Kaltura.

Contact your Client Support Specialist

Kaltura Help from CITE




Collaboration Tools



Teams - Chat

Microsoft Teams can be used to chat with others who are online. It can also be used for video meetings, group project collaboration, video chat, and file sharing.  This tool is available for use by all faculty, staff, and students.  Teams is FERPA and HIPAA compliant.

More Information on Microsoft Teams


Zoom is a video conferencing platform with several tools to allows users to host and run simple meetings or large webinars.  All of our Zoom resources can be found on our new Zoom page.

NKU Zoom Resources



NKU also has a license for WebEx online meeting software.  It allows you to host and join online meetings, share your screen, and chat with others.

NKU WebEx Login


New to WebEx?

WebEx Essentials


Accessing Your Work Remotely



Accessing Voicemail Remotely

  1. From your home phone/mobile phone, dial (859)572-7920.
  2. When the prompt begins to play, press *.
  3. When the system prompts you for your ID, enter your 4-digit extension and press #.
  4. When the system prompts you for your PIN, enter your PIN and press #.
    • If you do not know your PIN, contact the IT Help Desk to reset it.
To have your voicemails emailed to your NKU email address, contact the IT Help Desk.

Updating your Voicemail Message from your Phone

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. Press 4>1>1.
  3. After Cisco Unity plays your current greeting, press 1 to re-record it, or press 3 to record a different greeting, choose the greeting, and then rerecord it. 

Updating your Voicemail Message from Home

  1. Dial 859-572-7920
  2. When the greeting begins to play, Press *
  3. Enter your ID (4-digit extension or mailbox number), then press #.
  4. Enter your PIN (password) then press # 
  5. Press 4>1>1.
  6. After Cisco Unity plays your current greeting, press 1 to re-record it, or press 3 to record a different greeting, choose the greeting, and then rerecord it.


Call Forwarding
Setting up call forwarding means that all calls to your office phone will be sent to another phone of your choosing.  This allows users to receive their work phone calls remotely.

To set up call forwarding, identify your phone below and view the instructions.

Cisco 8800 Series Phone

8800 Series

Cisco 8800 Series Phone

9951 Series




Cisco 8800 Series Phone

3905 Series

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is NKU's preferred secure cloud storage solution, similar to Dropbox and Google Drive.  All NKU employees have free unlimited storage on OneDrive.  You can update and share your files from any device with OneDrive, and even work on Office documents with others at the same time.  OneDrive is connected to Office 365, meaning you can easily share files with NKU faculty, staff, and students by searching in the directory.  VPN is not needed to access OneDrive.

Access OneDrive with NKU Webmail


OneDrive is also available for Apple and Android devices.

Download from the App Store

Get it on Google Play


Below is a quick video on getting started with OneDrive.



Email and Microsoft Office

Use NKU email for general correspondence and non-sensitive data transfers.  Never use public email services like Yahoo, Gmail, or MSN Hotmail to transmit sensitive data or files.  Only use NKU email for sensitive data or files and properly encrypt the message (encryption directions below).
Online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are all available through Office 365.  To access them, simply log in to NKU Webmail.  Find what you need by clicking the menu icon in the top left corner.

NKU Webmail


To Download
Employees have access to Microsoft Office 365 to download on personally owned computers (both Windows and Apple) and mobile devices.

Instructions to Download Microsoft Office


Access your J: and K: Drives

You can access your J: and K: drives by either:

  • Connecting to NKU's Virtual Private Network (VPN), then mapping your drives on your computer
  • Accessing a Virtual Desktop, which have your network drives available for use

Connect to NKU's VPN

Access a Virtual Desktop using VMware View


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Most NKU resources are available without having to use VPN.  However, some resources require the use of VPN for access.  These include:

  • Network Drives (J: and K:)
  • Department Servers
  • Adobe AEM
  • Some myNKU functionality
    • Order approvals, UWL, and SAP GUI are the only functions that require VPN.  All other myNKU functions do not require VPN.


Connect to NKU's VPN


VMware View

NKU offers a convenient solution for accessing NKU software and drives wherever you are from any device - a virtual desktop.

If you use VMware, remember that you are accessing an NKU virtual desktop, not your personal workstation.  All files not saved using cloud storage (e.g. OneDrive) or to the J: or K: drives will be lost when you disconnect.

VPN is not required to access NKU's virtual desktops.

VMware View Instructions


Loaner Equipment

If you need to borrow a laptop or webcam kit, ask your building Client Support Specialist or contact the IT Help Desk to make your request.