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2020 - 2021 Latino Mentor Program

The Latino Mentor Program (LAMP) was created to promote and enhance the retention and academic success of incoming freshmen and transfer students at NKU and to build leadership skills among upperclassmen. It is designed to provide Latino students at NKU with a support system comprised of fellow students, faculty, staff, and employees of local organizations with the purpose of improving retention, encouraging career exploration, and providing exposure to local businesses. The ultimate goal of LAMP is to help students achieve academic and social success at Northern Kentucky University and beyond.

LAMP is coordinated by a the Director of Latino Program and Services, Leo Calderon and Student Affairs. In addition, there are four Head Peer Mentors who assis in the success of the program. Each Head Peer Mentor is assigned a group of mentors/mentees and they work in collaboration to ensure the academic success of all students involved in the LAMP program. Mentors and mentees meet at least once a month to provide support and guidance. Events are created throughout the semester, about one per week, to help students grow socially, academically, and to help them prepare for their future career options and success.

Please keep in mind that you don't have to belong to a specific ethnic group/minority to participate. The program is devoted to the success of all NKU students.   

All Latino students entering NKU are encouraged to take advantage of this program that's designed to help them become better learners and improve their retention rate. 


The Latino Mentor Program Orientation will run from August 7th, 2020 - August 11th, 2020. At the Latino Mentor Program Orientation, students will have the opportunity to meet upperclassmen, learn about scholarships, community and campus resources, a leadership excursion, as well as learn about Latino organizations. Students who will be living on campus get to move in early! For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Quesetions page.

Apply Today! Any student interested in joining the LAMP Mentor Program must complete an application. 

To fill out the application, please click here

For any questions, please contact or call (859) 572-1418 or (859) 572-5821.

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3 vs 3 Tournament Winners

3 vs 3 Tournament Winners