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Newsletter: November 2014
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  • Primary Sources

    Need a creative way to engage diverse learner types in your courses? Interested in using real-world events to connect students to the past in a meaningful way and to encourage them to analyze multiple perspectives?

    Special Collections and University Archives can help faculty identify primary sources in our collections to support their teaching. We offer class visits and individual research appointments that instruct students on differences between primary and secondary sources, how to locate pertinent primary sources and how to conduct research with primary sources. We collect materials relating to NKU and northern Kentucky history (especially social life, business, and education), military history, the Ohio River, Appalachia and politics. Discover collections on our website and oral histories on Pass the Word . New collections are added as they become available.

  • Trademarks workshop

    Confused about trademarks for your business? Steely Library's IPAC (Intellectual Property Awareness Center) and the Better Business Bureau will simplify the topic at a free BBB Street Smarts workshop: Trademarks and Branding for Businesses and Nonprofits. Attorney Ken Germain from Wood Herron & Evans will speak about Trademark Fundamentals, while other experts will cover trademark searching and branding ethics. The free workshop is scheduled Friday, 5 December between 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. at Steely Library. See /content/inside/ipac.html for event and reservation details.

  • Issues & Controversies Database

    There is much activity in Steely with students working on papers and projects as we head toward the holidays and the end of the semester. One database that can be very useful to students is the Issues & Controversies Database. Issues & Controversies helps researchers understand today's crucial issues by exploring hundreds of hot topics in politics, government, business, society, education, and popular culture. It is an ideal resource for research papers, debate preparation, and persuasive writing assignments. There have been some recent improvements, such as a dynamic new design, powerful new features and improved functionality:

    • New, original videos and educator support materials enhancing select issues
    • New Issue Pages featuring current coverage with the latest news headlines
    • New interactive polls allow students to vote on every issue
    • New Featured Controversies on the home page
    • New and improved search options, including Search Assist
    • New Read Aloud feature
    • New Google Translate
    • New customizable Content Widgets
    • New searchable Support Center with live help chat
  • Records Management

    A new year approaches which makes it a good time to start organizing and going through files, both paper and email. Each of us--administrators, faculty and staff--create and maintain records and information. However, only a small portion needs to be kept permanently. If you are unfamiliar with the state records laws, we provide training and assistance to offices or individual employees to facilitate your compliance with Kentucky laws and NKU's Records Management policy. Contact Vicki Cooper at or (859) 572-5742 for a personal records and information management consultation.