Southeast Asia Exhibition (ends 8/20/16)
View the exhibit in Steely through August 2016 ....

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Excavating the Past, Reflections on the Present in Southeast Asia: People, Pottery and Community

This exhibition introduces new audiences to the rich and varied traditions of Southeast Asia as well as the cultural continuity experienced in this region from prehistory to the present. The beauty and diversity of the Khmer Civilization are captured in images of world heritage sites such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Bantreay Srei. The exhibit also includes images of  modern potters using traditional methods to make earthenware vessels in northeast Thailand. Using paddles and anvils rather than a wheel these women continue pottery manufacturing traditions passed down from their mothers and their mother’s mothers before them. This pottery tradition spans thousands of years in Southeast Asia. This exhibit connects past societies to those of the present day.

The exhibit is curated by Dr. Judy Voelker and will be on display in Steely Library's Eva G. Farris Reading Room through Summer 2016.

Example of photo of a relief sculpture showing dancers.