Database Name Changes (ends 12/31/17)
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Database Name Changes

We've created a couple tools to make finding renamed databases easier. First, there is a page called "Database Name Changes" which tracks name changes and cancellations. Second, we've added "see" entries in the alphabetical list of databases to connect the old name to the new.

Why do database names change?

On occasion a database's vendor will rebrand one of it's products. The database content may be the same but the look of the site, the title of the site, and even the URL may be different. In addition, Steely Library has a few rules to help us assign a name to a database. The rules include: 1) the link text on Steely's site should match the name on the site we've linked to; 2) the name of the database should be based on the name of the product (i.e. the database) and not the name of the vendor; and 3) when that's still not helping, we have a discussion and make an exception.

What does an exception look like?

Ebsco has a product called "Academic Search Complete" and LexisNexis has a database called "Academic Search." An exception was made to retain the vendor's name in the title "LexisNexis Academic Search" to prevent confuson with Ebsco's "Academic Search Complete."

If you find this interesting, it is always open for discussion.