Materials Budget and Purchase Requests (ends 10/24/17)
There is a new procedure for requesting materials ....

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Materials Budget

Due to budgetary constraints, the allocations for materials requests for 2017-18 will limit faculty to $400 with a limit of $1400 per academic department. 

UPDATE 10-25-17

The "Request a Purchase" form has been restored to the "Services for Faculty" page.

New Procedure to Request a Purchase

The online form to "Request a Purchase" is being removed from the Steely Library website. The new procedure is as follows:

  1. Log into Steely Library's SourceFinder. (Do not use SourceFinder from WorldCat unless you want the item borrowed through interlibrary loan. While WorldCat will populate the SourceFinder form with the item's information, items requested this way will likely be borrowed, not purchased.)
  2. Include in the "Notes" field that you are requesting that the item be purchased for the library's collection. Also, indicate if your request is time sensitive.

The good news is that this will streamline and simplify the process by using a single form for all faculty purchases and interlibrary loan requests.