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Newsletter: March 2017
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  • Reminder: March Faculty Lunch Seminar

    "Deep Hoofprints: Roots of Climate Change and Environmental Degradation in South America "

    Presented by Robert Wilcox (Department of History & Geography)

    In recent decades, concern over the contribution of agricultural "modernization" to global climate change has deepened. One of the major contributors to this phenomenon has been cattle ranching, most notably in the Amazon Basin. While the impact of ranching on tropical forests has rightly been decried across the globe, even more urgent is the reach of ranching into the neighboring savannas of central South America, particularly Brazil and Paraguay. Based on recent historical research in these countries, Bob will outline some of the major factors that have driven this alarming process.

    Wednesday, March 15, Noon-12:50, Steely Library 304

    Bring your lunch; dessert and refreshments are provided. For more information or to RSVP, contact Allen Ellis at (859) 572-5527 or

    Co-sponsored by Steely Library and The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Service Feature: Trial Active for On-Demand Streaming Service Kanopy

    NKU and Steely Library are now offering a trial of Kanopy, an on-demand streaming video service for universities that offers thousands of titles on a broad range of subjects including anthropology, architecture, art, gender & race, environment & sustainability, health, law, media, politics and psychology/sociology.

    The trial lasts until March 16th, so visit the database page and try the Netflix-like experience today!

  • Database Feature: Track Citations and Research Impact with Scopus

    Interested NKU faculty and researchers can now track citations and research impact with Steely resources!

    Scopus, an Elsevier database accessible via Steely's Database page, recently launched CiteScore metrics, offering ways to explore, compare, and track journal citation impact.

    For more information, and for simple steps on how to access and use the new metrics, visit the database and follow this How-To guide.

    Phillip Yannarella wins Government Documents Award

    Steely's own Phillip Yannarella has won The Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Government Documents Librarian of the Year Award. The award, established in 1993, recognizes and honors government documents librarians who have made significant contributions to the field of local, state, federal, or international documents.

    Criteria for the award include enhancing ability of users to access government information, enhancing the organization of government information, and enhancing the bibliographic control of government information.

    Congratulations, Phil!

  • Steely's Celebration Research Award

    As part of NKU's Celebration of Student Research and Creativity, Steely Library is again offering the W. Frank Steely Library Research Award.

    All students who are participating in Celebration and whose projects contain a significant research component are eligible to apply for the award. The winner will receive a $500 prize.

    The application deadline is April 24th.

    Now in its fifth year, the Research Award is intended to promote the role of the academic library in providing support and resources as part of the academic research process. The award will be presented to the Celebration student who demonstrates the most effective use of Steely Library resources, services, and personnel as part of their project. This may include, but is not limited to, the use of the library's online databases or print resources, using the library's SourceFinder service for obtaining resources, or receiving assistance from librarians or library staff members as part of the research process.

    To apply for the award, Celebration students need to complete the online application form and submit a narrative describing how they used library resources, services, and personnel in completing their Celebration projects.

    The application form is available at Celebration Research Award. Students can also go to the Celebration website ( and click on the link for Award.

    Faculty sponsors are encouraged to promote the Research Award to their students.

    Contact Jane Hammons ( for more information.

  • Avoid 'Fake News' with Information Literacy

    In a time when concerns over "fake news" are consistently making headlines, it is more important than ever that our students are able to locate, evaluate, and use information sources ethically and effectively. Steely's Information Literacy Program is dedicated to helping students develop the skills necessary to successfully engage with the vast information ecosystem.

    Recognizing that a single 50-minute library session cannot teach students all they need to know about research and information use, we scaffold information literacy instruction so that students receive foundational concepts early in their academic career, information literacy relevant to their discipline, and more advanced concepts are delivered at the graduate level.

    At the foundational level, we reach students in UNV 101, ENG 101, ENG 151 and ENG 291. Within a student's chosen discipline, we target courses that have significant research components and/or are required for the majority of students in a specific major. In these courses, we focus on the research skills and concepts that are most vital for students in that discipline. For many of these courses, we have already developed online instructional resources, which can be found within our Information Literacy Curriculum, and we continue to teach many classes face-to-face.

    If you are interested in collaborating with us to develop information literacy outcomes for your program, contact us at