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New Titles: September 2017
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"Art" / Reza, Yasmina. 2016 BOOKS
"Le Dieu du carnage" et "L'enfer, c'est les autres" :les concepts philosophiques dans "Huis clos" de Jean-Paul Sartre et "Le Dieu du carnage" de Yasmina Reza / Münch, Anina. 2016 BOOKS
¿Quién mató a Palomino Molero? / Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1987 BOOKS
50 years down a country road / Emery, Ralph.; Cox, Patsi Bale. 2000 BOOKS
52 monologues for grown-ups (and college kids) / Guyton, Daniel. 2012 BOOKS
A day in Pompeii. N/A 2011 BOOKS
A history of philosophy / Copleston, Frederick C. 1985 BOOKS
A history of terrorism / Laqueur, Walter, 2001 BOOKS
A short history of the 20th century / Blainey, Geoffrey. 2006 BOOKS
Abraham Lincoln and the second American Revolution / McPherson, James M. 1992 BOOKS
Acting Shakespeare is outrageous! :playing the bard for beginners / Parker, Herb, 2017 BOOKS
Advanced persistent security :a cyberwarfare approach to implementing adaptive enterprise protection, detection, and reaction strategies / Winkler, Ira,; Gomes, Araceli. 2017 BOOKS
African American dance :an illustrated history / Glass, Barbara S., 2012 BOOKS
Alcatraz :#1259 / Baker, William G., 2012 BOOKS
American Catholic :the saints and sinners who built America's most powerful church / Morris, Charles R. 1998 BOOKS
American dance :the complete illustrated history / Fuhrer, Margaret. 2014 BOOKS
Archival arrangement and description :analog to digital / Hamill, Lois, 2017 BOOKS
Art treasures of the Vatican :architecture, painting, sculpture / Redig de Campos, D.Donati Barcelona, Maria. 1981 BOOKS
Badger Creek :a year in the life of a Blackfeet family / Skurnik, Jonathan,Vasquez, Randy,Vanderburg, Cheryl,Ashmore, Rhea,Kipp, Darren,Davis, Connor,Bostic, Kathryn,Braveman, Max,; High Valley Productions,Skurnik Productions,Vision Maker Media, 2017 VIDEOS
Beat of the drum / Hersley, Richard.Michel, Tim.Alfred, Jerry.Scofield, Sandy.Sam, Chuck.Morriseau, Renae.; Medicine Beat (Musical group)First Nations Films. 1998 VIDEOS
Best contemporary monologues for men 18-35 / Harbison, Lawrence, 2014 BOOKS
Best contemporary monologues for women 18-35 / Harbison, Lawrence, 2014 BOOKS
Bimetallism :an economic and historical analysis / Redish, Angela, 2000 BOOKS
Bin Laden :the man who declared war on America / Bodansky, Yossef. 2001 BOOKS
Biology and management of inland striped bass and hybrid striped bass / Bulak, James S.,Coutant, Charles C.,Rice, James A.; American Fisheries Society. 2013 BOOKS
Centrist liberalism triumphant, 1789/1914 / Wallerstein, Immanuel Maurice, 2011 BOOKS
Champions of Civil and Human Rights in South Carolina / Lare, Marvin I., 2016 BOOKS
Choreographing from within :developing the habit of inquiry as an artist / Green, Diana F., 2010 BOOKS
Choreography :a basic approach using improvisation / Minton, Sandra Cerny, 2018 BOOKS
Civil War pharmacy :a history / Flannery, Michael A.,; Humphreys, Margaret, 2017 BOOKS
Collaborative learning techniques :a handbook for college faculty / Barkley, Elizabeth F.; Cross, K. PatriciaMajor, Claire Howell. 2005 BOOKS
Dancing on the moon. First Nations Films. 2010 VIDEOS
Data privacy :foundations, new developments and the big data challenge / Torra, Vicenç. 2017 BOOKS
Descendants 2 :original TV movie soundtrack. Cameron, Dove,Carson, Sofia,Boyce, Cameron,Stewart, Boo Boo,McClain, China Anne,Doherty, ThomasPlayfair, Dylan, 2017 MUSIC
Economic facts and fallacies / Sowell, Thomas, 2008 BOOKS
Embattled rebel :Jefferson Davis as commander in chief / McPherson, James M. 2014 BOOKS
Eutaw Springs :the final battle of the American Revolution's Southern Campaign / Dunkerly, Robert M.,; Boland, Irene B., 2017 BOOKS
Everyday life in the Muslim Middle East / Bowen, Donna Lee,Early, Evelyn A. 1993 BOOKS
Everyday life through the ages / Davison, Michael Worth.Martin, Neal V.; Reader's Digest Association (Great Britain) 1992 BOOKS
Faith of the founders :religion and the new nation, 1776-1826 / Gaustad, Edwin S. 2004 BOOKS
Farm animals / Sirett, Dawn. 2012 BOOKS
Foundations of library and information science / Rubin, Richard, 2016 BOOKS
Gateway to equality :Black women and the struggle for economic justice in St. Louis / Ervin, Keona K., 2017 BOOKS
Gendered resistance :women, slavery, and the legacy of Margaret Garner / Frederickson, Mary E.Walters, Delores M. 2013 BOOKS
Gentle warriors :Clara Ueland and the Minnesota struggle for woman suffrage / Stuhler, Barbara. 1995 BOOKS
Getting permission :how to license & clear copyrighted materials online and off / Stim, Richard. 2007 BOOKS
GHOSTS OF OLD LOUISVILLE :true stories of hauntings in america's largest victorian... neighborhood. DOMINE, DAVID. 2017 BOOKS
Gotham :a history of New York City to 1898 / Burrows, Edwin G.,; Wallace, Mike, 1999 BOOKS
Hadoop :the definitive guide / White, Tom 2015 BOOKS
Haunts of old Louisville :gilded age ghosts and haunted mansions in America's spookiest neighborhood / Dominé, David, 2017 BOOKS
Hearts beating for liberty :women abolitionists in the old Northwest / Robertson, Stacey M. 2010 BOOKS
Historical change and human rights :The Oxford Amnesty lectures / Hufton, Olwen H. 1995 BOOKS
How to measure anything in cybersecurity risk / Hubbard, Douglas W.,; Seiersen, Richard, 2016 BOOKS
Imagine :John Lennon / Solt, Andrew.; Egan, Sam.Ono, Yōko. 1988 BOOKS
In defense of the Indians :the defense of the Most Reverend Lord, Don Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, of the Order of Preachers, late Bishop of Chiapa, against the persecutors and slanderers of the peoples of the New World discovered across the seas / Casas, Bartolomé de las,; Poole, Stafford. 1992 BOOKS
Information services today :an introduction / Hirsh, Sandra, 2015 BOOKS
Intellectual property :patents, trademarks, and copyright in a nutshell / Miller, Arthur R.; Davis, Michael H., 1990 BOOKS
Intellectual property :the law of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets / Bouchoux, Deborah E., 2016 BOOKS
Intellectual property :the law of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets / Bouchoux, Deborah E., 2018 BOOKS
Inventions that changed the world / Castleden, Rodney. 2007 BOOKS
Is everyone really equal? :an introduction to key concepts in social justice education / Sensoy, Özlem.; DiAngelo, Robin J. 2017 BOOKS
It :a novel / King, Stephen,; Weber, Steven, 2017 AUDIOBOOKS
Japan in Asia :post-Cold-War diplomacy / Tanaka, Akihiko,; Hoff, Jean, 2017 BOOKS
Japan-China relations in the modern era / Kokubun, Ryōsei,; Soeya, Yoshihide,Takahara, Akio,Kawashima, Shin,Krulak, Keith,Kokubun, Ryōsei,Soeya, Yoshihide,Takahara, Akio.Kawashima, Shin, 2017 BOOKS
Kim Jung-gi 2007 sketch collection. Kim, Jung-gi. 2007 BOOKS
Kleinwort, Benson :the history of two families in banking / Wake, Jehanne. 1997 BOOKS
Learning about dance :dance as an art form and entertainment / Ambrosio, Nora, 2016 BOOKS
Learning Spark / Karau, Holden,; Konwinski, Andy,Wendell, Patrick,Zaharia, Matei, 2015 BOOKS
Legends of the world / Cavendish, Richard. 1989 BOOKS
Lincoln and the Jews :a history / Sarna, Jonathan D.,; Shapell, Benjamin,; Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana (Mississippi State University. Libraries) 2015 BOOKS
Logoism :contemporary logo design. N/A 2017 BOOKS
Loving / Nichols, Jeff,Doherty, Ged,Firth, Colin,Buirski, Nancy,Green, Sarah,Turtletaub, Marc,Saraf, Peter,Stone, AdamWingo, David,Monroe, JulieBenach, Erin,Edgerton, Joel,Negga, Ruth,Csokas, Marton,Kroll, Nick,Abney, Terri,Miller, Alano,Bass, JonShannon, Mic 2017 VIDEOS
Machine learning with R :discover how to build machine learning algorithms, prepare data, and dig deep into data prediction techniques with R / Lantz, Brett, 2015 BOOKS
Machine learning with Spark :develop intelligent machine learning systems with Spark 2.x / Dua, Rajdeep,; Pentreath, Nick,Ghotra, Manpreet Singh, 2017 BOOKS
Making and breaking the grid :a graphic design layout workshop / Samara, Timothy, 2017 BOOKS
Making the metropolis :creators of Victoria's London / Halliday, Stephen. 2003 BOOKS
Marie Antoinette / Haslip, Joan, 1988 BOOKS
Marketing on a shoestring budget :a guide for small museums and historic sites / Pitel, Deborah, 2016 BOOKS
Medicine :a history of healing : ancient traditions to modern practices / Porter, Roy, 1997 BOOKS
Medieval castles / Cairns, Conrad. 1987 BOOKS
Michelangelo and Raphael with Botticelli, Perugino, Signorelli, Ghirlandaio and Rosselli in the Vatican :the Sistine Chapel, the Pauline Chapel, the stanzas and the loggias. Michelangelo Buonarroti,Raphael, 1995 BOOKS
MLA Handbook / Modern Language Association of America. 2016 BOOKS
Moving history / dancing cultures :a dance history reader / Dils, Ann.Albright, Ann Cooper. 2001 BOOKS
Neal-Schuman library technology companion :a basic guide for library staff / Burke, John 2016 BOOKS
On the origin of superheroes :from the big bang to Action Comics no. 1 / Gavaler, Chris, 2015 BOOKS
Open here :the art of instructional design / Mijksenaar, Paul.; Westendorp, Piet. 1999 BOOKS
Passing strange :Shakespeare, race, and contemporary America / Thompson, Ayanna, 2013 BOOKS
People over politics / Beshear, Steve,; Hassert, Dan, 2017 BOOKS
PHANTOMS OF OLD LOUISVILLE :ghostly tales from america's most haunted neighborhood. DOMINE, DAVID. 2017 BOOKS
Politics in Latin America / Blake, Charles H., 2008 BOOKS
Precious Knowledge / Palos, Ari Luis,McGinnis, Eren,Fifer, Sally Jo,Bricca, Jacob,Amor, Naïm,; Dos Vatos Productions,Independent Television Service,Latino Public Broadcasting (Firm),Arizona Public Media,Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 2011 VIDEOS
Presidential government / Ginsberg, Benjamin, 2016 BOOKS
Privacy and the past :research, law, archives, ethics / Lawrence, Susan C., 2016 BOOKS
Programming in Lua / Ierusalimschy, Roberto. 2016 BOOKS
Protecting patron privacy :a LITA guide / Newman, Bobbi L.,Tijerina, Bonnie,; Library and Information Technology Association (U.S.) 2017 BOOKS
R machine learning by example / Bali, Raghav,; Sarkar, Dipanjan, 2016 BOOKS
Renaissance Florence / Brucker, Gene A. 1983 BOOKS
Rethinking dance history :issues and methodologies / Morris, Geraldine,Nicholas, Larraine, 2018 BOOKS
Rhodes and Rhodesia :the white conquest of Zimbabwe, 1884-1902. Keppel-Jones, Arthur. 1983 BOOKS
Salem's Lot / Kobritz, Richard,Monash, Paul,Hooper, Tobe,Soul, David,Mason, James,Kerwin, Lance,Bedelia, Bonnie,Ayres, Lew,King, Stephen,; Warner Bros. Entertainment,Warner Home Video (Firm), 2014 VIDEOS
Seize the day :living on purpose and making every day count / Meyer, Joyce, 2016 BOOKS
Serverless architectures on AWS / Sbarski, Peter, 2017 BOOKS
Sonatine, pour 2 trompettes Ut, 1 cor, 1 trombone et 1 tuba. Bozza, Eugène, 1951 MUSICALSCORE
Tableau 10 for beginners :version 10.x / Sinha, Chandraish. 2017 BOOKS
The age of broadcasting :Radio / Coleman, Wim.Perrin, Pat. 1997 BOOKS
The Arab uprisings :what everyone needs to know / Gelvin, James L., 2012 BOOKS
The book of circles :visualizing spheres of knowledge / Lima, Manuel, 2017 BOOKS
The book of trees :visualizing branches of knowledge / Lima, Manuel, 2014 BOOKS
The censor's hand :the misregulation of human-subject research / Schneider, Carl, 2015 BOOKS
The Chaplin collection. Chaplin, Charlie, Cherrill, Virginia, Myers, Harry, Mann, Hank, 1931 VIDEOS
The complete book of M*A*S*H / Kalter, Suzy. 1988 BOOKS
The data warehouse mentor :practical data warehouse and business intelligence insights / Laberge, Robert, 2011 BOOKS
The data warehouse workshop : [hands-on experience for the aspiring ETL developer] / Ciampa, Brian. 2014 BOOKS
The economic transformation of America :1600 to the present / Heilbroner, Robert L.; Singer, Aaron. 1999 BOOKS
The eloquent president :a portrait of Lincoln through his words / White, Ronald C. 2005 BOOKS
The encyclicals of John Paul II / Catholic Church.; John PaulMiller, J. Michael. 2001 BOOKS
The encyclopedia of extraterrestrial encounters :a definitive illustrated A-Z guide to all things alien / Story, Ronald. 2001 BOOKS
The four pillars of high performance :how robust organizations achieve extraordinary results / Light, Paul Charles. 2005 BOOKS
The great dinosaur hunters and their discoveries / Colbert, Edwin H.; Colbert, Edwin H. 1984 BOOKS
The greatest story ever told / Oursler, Fulton,Sydow, Max von,McGuire, Dorothy,Rains, Claude,Newman, Alfred,Stevens, George,Lean, David,Negulesco, Jean,Denker, Henry,Barrett, James Lee,Sandburg, Carl,Stevens, George,Vellani, Antonio,Davis, Frank I.; United Artists Corporation.Metr 2010 VIDEOS
The history of US-Japan relations :from Perry to the present / Iokibe, Makoto,Minohara, Toshihiro, 2017 BOOKS
The illustrated history encyclopedia :religion, science, medicine & warfare / Farndon, John. 2001 BOOKS
The insanity file :the case of Mary Todd Lincoln / Neely, Mark E.; McMurtry, R. Gerald 1993 BOOKS
The intimate world of Abraham Lincoln / Tripp, C. A.; Gannett, Lewis. 2005 BOOKS
The Johnstown flood / McCullough, David G. 1987 BOOKS
The legacy of B.F. Skinner :concepts and perspectives, controversies and misunderstandings / Nye, Robert D. 1992 BOOKS
The library book / Schiff, Thomas R.,; Schiff, Thomas R.,Manguel, Alberto, 2017 BOOKS
The life of Sister Marie de Mandat-Grancey and Mary's House in Ephesus / Schulte, Carl G. 2011 BOOKS
The only way / Casas, Bartolomé de las,; Parish, Helen Rand.Sullivan, Francis, 1991 BOOKS
The Oxford Handbook of dance and ethnicity / Shay, Anthony,Sellers-Young, Barbara. 2016 BOOKS
The promise / George, Terry,Swicord, Robin,Esrailian, Eric,Medavoy, Mike,Horberg, William,Isaac, Oscar,Lebon, Charlotte,Bale, Christian,Giménez Cacho, Daniel,Aghdashloo, Shohreh,Kenzari, Marwan,Sarafyan, Angela,Šerbedžija, Rade,Hollander, Tom,Naor, Yigal,Aca 2017 VIDEOS
The psychology of B.F. Skinner / O'Donohue, William T.; Ferguson, Kyle E. 2001 BOOKS
The rise of the feudal monarchies / Painter, Sidney, 1982 BOOKS
The story of time / Lippincott, Kristen,; National Maritime Museum (Great Britain) 1999 BOOKS
The surprising power of liberating structures :simple rules to unleash a culture of innovation / Lipmanowicz, Henri,; McCandless, Keith, 2016 BOOKS
The twentieth mental measurements yearbook / Carlson, Janet F.,Geisinger, Kurt F.,Jonson, Jessica L.,; Buros Center for Testing, 2017 BOOKS
The ultimate audition book :222 monologues, two minutes and under / Beard, Jocelyn.Capecci, John.Walker, Laurie.Aston, Irene Ziegler, 1997 BOOKS
The visual history of type / McNeil, Paul, 2017 BOOKS
The Warburgs :the twentieth-century odyssey of a remarkable Jewish family / Chernow, Ron. 1994 BOOKS
The wars against Napoleon :debunking the myth of the Napoleonic Wars / Franceschi, Michel.; Weider, Ben, 2008 BOOKS
Theories of childhood :an introduction to Dewey, Montessori, Erikson, Piaget, and Vygotsky / Mooney, Carol Garhart. 2013 BOOKS
Thinking ethnographically / Atkinson, Paul, 2017 BOOKS
Understanding international conflicts :an introduction to theory and history / Nye, Joseph S. 2009 BOOKS
Vatican / Papafava, Francesco.; Vatican City. 1993 BOOKS
Vygotsky's educational theory in cultural context / Kozulin, Alex. 2003 BOOKS
Winning grants step by step :the complete workbook for planning, developing, writing, successful proposals / Carlson, Mim, 2002 BOOKS
Women deacons in the early church :historical texts and contemporary debates / Wijngaards, J. N. M. 2006 BOOKS