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New Titles: October 2017
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African art :an introduction / Willett, Frank. 1993 BOOKS
American denial / Smith, Llewellyn,Herbes-Sommers, Christine,Thomson, Kelly,Alexander, Michelle,Allen, Danielle S.,Banaji, Mahzarin R.,Bok, Sissela,Brown, Vincent,Fölster, Kaj,Jackson, Walter A.,Powell, John A.Sidanius, Jim,Venkatesh, Sudhir Alladi,; Vital Pictures 2014 VIDEOS
Ancient civilizations of Africa / Mukhtār, Muḥammad Jamāl al-Dīn,; Unesco.Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 1990 BOOKS
Art and religion in Africa / Hackett, Rosalind I. J. 1998 BOOKS
Ascent to civilization :the archaeology of early man / Gowlett, John. 1984 BOOKS
Astaire :the man, the dancer / Thomas, Bob, 1984 BOOKS
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies :a comprehensive introduction / Narayanan, Arvind, 2016 BOOKS
Black smoke rising / Greta Van Fleet (Musical group), 2017 MUSIC
Bloodlust :on the roots of violence from Cain and Abel to the present / Jacoby, Russell. 2011 BOOKS
Border :the U.S.-Mexico line / Metz, Leon Claire. 1989 BOOKS
Bored and brilliant :how spacing out can unlock your most productive and creative self / Zomorodi, Manoush, 2017 BOOKS
Choice theory :a new psychology of personal freedom / Glasser, William, 1998 BOOKS
Daily life in ancient and modern Timbuktu / Brook, Larry.; Webb, Ray, 1999 BOOKS
Days of destruction :Augustine Thomas Smythe and the Civil War siege of Charleston / Smythe, Augustine Thomas,; Emerson, W. Eric,Stokes, Karen, 2017 BOOKS
Death of a King :the real story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s final year / Smiley, Tavis,; Ritz, David, 2014 BOOKS
Defects in solids / Tilley, R. J. D. 2008 BOOKS
Etiquette and taboos around the world :a geographic encyclopedia of social and cultural customs / Taylor, Ken,Williams, Victoria, 2017 BOOKS
Etiquette and taboos around the world. Taylor, Ken. 2016 BOOKS
Great Christian thinkers / Küng, Hans, 1994 BOOKS
Handbook to life in ancient Rome / Adkins, Lesley.; Adkins, Roy 1998 BOOKS
How Nashville became Music City, U.S.A. :50 years of Music Row / Kosser, Michael. 2006 BOOKS
In defense of history / Evans, Richard J. 2000 BOOKS
Intelligence-driven incident response :outwitting the adversary / Roberts, Scott J.; Brown, Rebekah 2017 BOOKS
Interpretations of history :Confucius to Toynbee / Widgery, Alban G. 1981 BOOKS
La grammaire du cinéma :de l'écriture au montage : les techniques du langage filmé / Vallet, Yannick, 2016 BOOKS
La grammaire du cinéma :de l'écriture au montage : les techniques du langage filmé / Vallet, Yannick. 2016 BOOKS
Latin America and its people / Martin, Cheryl English,; Wasserman, Mark, 2008 BOOKS
Lazy perfection :the art of looking great without really trying / Patinkin, Jenny, 2017 BOOKS
Let freedom ring :Stanley Tretick's iconic images of the March on Washington / Kelley, Kitty.; Tretick, Stanley. 2013 BOOKS
Life and society in the West :antiquity and the Middle Ages / Bouchard, Constance Brittain. 1988 BOOKS
Life in a medieval village / Gies, Frances.; Gies, Joseph. 1991 BOOKS
Maximilian and Juárez / Ridley, Jasper Godwin. 2001 BOOKS
Medieval knights / Cairns, Trevor. 1992 BOOKS
Mysteries of the ancient Americas :the New World before Columbus. Reader's Digest Association. 1986 BOOKS
Off stage / Comden, Betty. 1995 BOOKS
Open veins of Latin America :five centuries of the pillage of a continent / Galeano, Eduardo, 1974 BOOKS
Operetta :a theatrical history / Traubner, Richard. 1989 BOOKS
Paris Pittsburgh :a story in jazz : the life of Nathan Davis / Albus, Gisela. 1991 BOOKS
Platform strategy :how to unlock the power of communities and networks to grow your business / Reillier, Laure Claire,; Reillier, Benoit, 2017 BOOKS
Pompeii :the day a city died / Etienne, Robert. 1992 BOOKS
Resolute rebel :General Roswell S. Ripley, Charleston's gallant defender / Bennett, Chet, 2017 BOOKS
Revelations, the Medieval world / Harpur, James.; Hallam, Elizabeth M. 1995 BOOKS
Rupert / Henderson, James.; Harrold, John. 1990 BOOKS
Sailing to paradise :the discovery of the Americas by 7000 B.C. / Bailey, Jim, 1994 BOOKS
Schroders, merchants & bankers / Roberts, Richard, 1992 BOOKS
Serenade (Eine kleine Nachtmusik)für 2 Violinen, Viola, Violoncello und Kontrabass. K.V. 525. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1900 MUSICALSCORE
Taking sides. DeGrave, Analisa.Santos-Phillips, Eva L.DeGrave, Jeff. 2007 BOOKS
The art of slowing down :a sense-able approach to running faster / Yu, Edward. 2010 BOOKS
The Christian life in the Middle Ages and other essays / Powicke, F. M. 1997 BOOKS
The environmental humanities :a critical introduction / Emmett, Robert S.,; Nye, David E., 2017 BOOKS
The first Eden :the Mediterranean world and man / Attenborough, David, 1987 BOOKS
The good fight :the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish civil war / Buckner, Noel.Dore, Mary.Sills, Sam.Terkel, Studs,; Abraham Lincoln Brigade Film Project (Firm)Kino International Corporation. 2008 VIDEOS
The handy geography answer book / Rosenberg, Matthew T. 1999 BOOKS
The incredible Incas and their timeless land / McIntyre, Loren,; National Geographic Society (U.S.). 1975 BOOKS
The lost kingdom of Burgundy :a phoenix frustrated / Cope, Christopher. 1987 BOOKS
The mysterious Maya / Stuart, George E.; Stuart, Gene S.; National Geographic Society (U.S.). 1983 BOOKS
The Oxford handbook of rhetorical studies / MacDonald, Michael John, 2017 BOOKS
The Oxford handbook of rhetorical studies. MacDonald, Michael. 2017 BOOKS
The psychology of perfectionism :theory, research, applications / Stoeber, Joachim, 2018 BOOKS
The purloining of Prince Oleomargarine / Twain, Mark,; Stead, Philip Christian,Stead, Erin E., 2017 BOOKS
The scientific 100 :a ranking of the most influential scientists, past and present / Simmons, John, 2000 BOOKS
The Vietnam War / Burns, Ken,Novick, Lynn,Ward, Geoffrey C.,Coyote, Peter,; Florentine Films,WETA-TV (Television station : Washington, D.C.), 2017 VIDEOS
The Vietnam War / Burns, Ken,Novick, Lynn,Ward, Geoffrey C.,Botstein, Sarah,Coyote, Peter,Squires, Buddy,Reidy, Tricia,Barnes, Paul,Ewers, Erik,Mellish, Craig,Reznor, Trent,Ross, Atticus,; Florentine Films,WETA-TV (Television station : Washington, D.C.),PBS Distributi 2017 VIDEOS
The walking dead. Darabont, Frank,Dale, Jolly,Womble, Caleb,DeGard, Ryan,Agypt, Christian,Lincoln, Andrew,Reedus, Norman,Yeun, Steven,Cohan, Lauren,Riggs, Chandler,Gurira, Danai,McBride, Melissa,Cudlitz, Michael,James, Lennie,Martin-Green, Sonequa,Masterson, Alanna,Mc 2017 VIDEOS
The weather companion :an album of meteorological history, science, legend, and folklore / Lockhart, Gary. 1988 BOOKS
Things fall apart / Achebe, Chinua. 1994 BOOKS
Tutankhamen's treasures / Ford, John. 1978 BOOKS
Weather / Burroughs, William James. 1999 BOOKS
Weather for dummies / Cox, John D., 2000 BOOKS