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Steely's New Website (ends 10/31/17)
Find out about the features built into Steely Library's website ....

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Steely's New Website

Steely Library has an all new site. Here are the changes you should be aware of:


The main navigation on the home page has been simplified to four categories. The new site uses a database back end to simplify the user paths to services and resources.

Because the site structure is so different, any bookmarks you have saved for the old site will no longer work.

Clear Language

The language of the site has been simplified. New content is being written with plain language to be direct and concise.

Research Database Names

Database names have been standardized. If you can't find something you remember from the old site, we've created references in the database lists to help you find what you are looking for. In addition, you can now sort the databases by subject, vendor, and content type.  

You can always Ask Us if you need more help.

What's Next ...

Usability Testing

We have partnered with a Media Informatics class to perform ongoing usability testing. We have adopted a process in which user experience and behavior inform modifications to the website. Let Michael Providenti know if you'd be interested in participating.

Phased Release

The Steely website is being released in stages. Some content is still being prepared. If something you need has disappeared, please use the Ask Us service to let us know.

Your Feedback is Needed

We want your feedback. You can give us comments (anonymously, if you prefer) or report issues from our Tell Us page.

More Details About the Rebuild

If you'd like details about the website rebuild process, continue with next part of the rebuild announcement.